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Lewisham rail crash dead honoured
Lewisham train crash
Many of the victims were returning home from work
Relatives gathered at a memorial service to honour victims of the Lewisham rail crash - one of Britain's worst ever rail disasters.

A total of 90 people died and 176 were injured when two rush hour trains collided in thick fog in Lewisham, south London, almost 50 years ago.

Most of the victims were from Kent and were returning home from work or Christmas shopping in London.

The service was held at St John's Church in St John's Vale, Lewisham.

Many of those involved in the accident were people from Tonbridge, Folkestone, Ashford and Ramsgate.

Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor of Lewisham, said: "The effects of that day had a profound impact on the lives of so many people. It was an awful tragedy.

"I hope that anyone who remembers that day, or who knows someone affected by it, will want to come along to the service to pay their respects. It is so important to remember the loss of so many."

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