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391 points posted 1 day ago by qgyh2148 comments
Castanza 111 points 1 day ago [-]

Holy fucking shit.

flukes2 25 points 1 day ago [-]

Is exactly what I said when I saw this. Pretty shocking.

pujyboy  comment score below threshold (9 children) [+]
jediknight 3 points 1 day ago * [-]

This is just one photo from a far, far, distant place.

For a truly HFS check this small clip from 2005

Impact is greater when you see things in context.

antifolkhero 0 points 1 day ago [-]

I said "Jesus Christ."

KillerAngel7 0 points 1 day ago [-]

Me too! We should keep a tally.

beosnitch 54 points 1 day ago [-] photo taken by kevin carter in 1993. won the pulitzer for it, later committed suicide.

kevin carter

econous 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Archbishop Desmond Tutu once famously saved a near victim of necklacing when he rushed into a large gathered crowd and threw his arms around a man accused of being a police informer

Holy Fuck. I always had a soft spot for the guy, now I think he's my personal hero. What would TuTu do!

jediknight 2 points 1 day ago [-]

The patience of that vulture is truly unsettling. It is like it has been there before... no need to rush... just wait for the kid to die.

ducksauce 2 points 1 day ago * [-]

One of the protagonists in House of Leaves ( ) was based on Kevin Carter, and this photo features prominently in the novel. Great horror book to read when you're stuck inside during the winter, too.

paro 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Wow, I've seen the photo before but never knew the story behind it...

The article says he was the first to photograph "necklacing". Anyone know if it was ever published?

RonObvious 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Zimbabwe 2008.

dagny 22 points 1 day ago [-]

I definitely need to go hug my baby now.

paro -2 points 1 day ago [-]

Why? Is your baby a 6-foot tall 50lb starving African?

dagny 10 points 1 day ago [-]

Yeah, she gets 100% of her nutrition from hugs and that's why she's so thin, doofus.

DirtySouth -1 points 1 day ago [-]

That comment made me go from =( to =)

bluedeviltide 7 points 1 day ago [-]

I maintain, that if aliens ever visit Earth, they're going to turn the fuck around ASAP.

KillerAngel7 4 points 1 day ago [-]

I maintain that Aliens have already seen this and are never coming.

econous 1 point 1 day ago [-]

They won't be coming personally, but they're sending a big rock to shake things up a little to see if something worthwhile evolves next time.

KillerAngel7 1 point 16 hours ago [-]

Does that mean they killed the dinosaurs? Cuz that would be a mistake.

rogozjin 11 points 1 day ago [-]

Go Humans!

randomb0y 15 points 1 day ago [-]

The photographer has some pretty uber-mad skills. I went through the whole website in one sitting. I would actually be willing to pay for some hi-res samples, but I couldn't find a contact address...

an7agonist 11 points 1 day ago * [-]

I recommend the movie War Photographer. It's a fantastic documentary about James Nachtwey. Very impressive.

randomb0y 7 points 1 day ago [-]

I'd like to buy you a beer :)

ileftreddit 3 points 1 day ago * [-]

then how 'bout you buy me a whole keg!? ;)

also, if you like docus, then you should think about registering at; and, please, always remember to seed! :)

*edited because "markdown" is confusing as hell

randomb0y 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Way ahead of you :)

I use, which indexes mininova and pirate bay among other sites.

Mu utorrent is constantly on, 100/100 mb pipe, sharing everything non-RIAA/MPAA. Just before demonoid was taken offline I had about 12TB of uploaded data (I only got my big pipe shortly before they closed down)

an7agonist 4 points 1 day ago [-]

Thank you randomb0y ;)

cfabbro 2 points 1 day ago * [-]

There is a pretty good video presentation by Mr. Nachtwey too. He seems like a genuinely compassionate and gentle man.

apathy 8 points 1 day ago * [-]

I would actually be willing to pay for some hi-res samples, but I couldn't find a contact address...

He has several books in print, if you can stomach them. Some of the photos (for me, this one is iconic) will haunt you for the rest of your life.

A short piece based on his portfolio-style book, Inferno, can be found here on YouTube.

The best description I have seen of the discomfort that accompanies Natchwey's photos -- the very deliberate manner in which they force the viewer to confront human suffering and evil -- is the simple observation that so many of his subjects are ghosts, but don't know it yet, as he released the shutter.

There was a lengthy article a few years back, in the Atlantic monthly, completely illustrated with Natchwey's photographs from Rwanda. It was even more punishing to read the backstory while the pictures confronted the reader on each facing page. From the point of view of asymmetric tribal warfare, these atrocities are perfectly logical. But the reality gives the lie to the comfortable illusion that civilization is the natural order of things.

randomb0y 1 point 1 day ago [-]

I have sent the Sudan victim link to a friend and she acted like she was goatsed. She will never open another link from me, so I need to frame a couple of Nachtwey photos in my living room. Maybe not the awful famine ones, but for instance the one with the young palestinian throwing a molotov.

I think that Nachtwey does a great job drawing the world's attention and people need to see these pictures. I don't think he's overdoing it, I see more disgusting gory pictures on the 5'o clock news.

But above all, he's an incredible artist.

pradador 9 points 1 day ago [-]

I find it amazing how the human body can survive in terrible conditions like that. Heart-breaking picture though.

natenovs 5 points 1 day ago * [-]

i cried a little when i saw the picture.

ileftreddit  comment score below threshold (0 children) [+]
Steph_C 14 points 1 day ago [-]

I can't stop looking at it. I think it's beyond depressing, it didn't make me want to cry, I just felt desperately sick when I saw it.

linsage 8 points 1 day ago [-]

thats exactly how i felt. i can never imagine anything like that actually existing until i'm reminded of it. im so fortunate. what the hell charity does one give to where they KNOW they are making a difference in those people's lives?

thirdoffive 4 points 1 day ago [-]

No matter how much money is dumped on poverty it will never have a real impact. Huge amounts are siphoned off by corrupt individuals and even after the people who actually need aid get it the underlying problems will be back to haunt them again.

Don't get me wrong. Charity is great but it has little lasting effect; the staying power just isn't there.

The solution is to build up infrastructure so they can attain the ability to take care of themselves without having to rely on handouts. It's that whole give a man a fish/teach a man to fish thing.

Here's a site where you can fund micro loans for poor entrepreneurs in developing countries:

KillerAngel7 1 point 1 day ago [-]

I wonder how these photographers made it so long before killing themselves, I never could. The most disturbing part of all these pictures is the date. We live in the western world where we conveniently forget the suffering, or as I have heard many times, deny it. But these images are much more shocking knowing that they were taken so recently.

corentin 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Well, Kevin Carter killed himself shortly after taking this photograph:

ovi256 -1 points 1 day ago [-]

{Third party candidate's} campaign fund.

Do. Not. Let. It. Happen. Again.

Sangermaine 4 points 1 day ago * [-]

Right, the same candidates who want to pull out of all international organizations? Sudan's troubles can't be solved by funneling cash in. It needs real international support and aid.

thirdoffive 0 points 1 day ago * [-]

Yeah isolationism is evil. Let's assassinate Hugo Chavez and free the shit out of Iran. That'll really raise the standard of living at home and abroad.


On a serious note, China is heavily involved in Sudan:

If people were smart they'd write letters to China's commerce department en masse announcing a boycott on Chinese goods until they move to cool down the Darfur region.

KillerAngel7 2 points 1 day ago [-]

Boycott Chinese goods? Why, that's UNAMERICAN!

thirdoffive -3 points 1 day ago * [-]

Well I see someone (probably you) has done a quick post and delete. I'll respond to it anyway.

Isolationism is evil, and stupid. We live in an interconnected world; burying our heads in the sand isn't an option.

No one is isolationist. No one. Not anyone running for president of the USA.

The idiots (Hildabeast, Captain 911, & Company) want to continue our imperialism.

Gravel and Kucinich don't want to attack anyone.

I'd like to go back and address this too:

the same candidates who want to pull out of all international organizations?

Paul is not an isolationist. He wants to close our overseas bases in Europe, the ME, and Asia. Also instead of participating in large international organizations he'd communicate with all foreign nations 1 on 1.

He's said that he wants to trade with everyone and talk to our enemies.

Now apparently this fact has alluded you because MSNBC et al call Paul isolationist all the time. Paul has said he'll talk with Iran. I know telling you the facts isn't enough, though.

So instead I'll use the mainstream media tactic (which does seem to effect you) of simply loudly repeating the same phrase over and over again. Here it goes:

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Paul Has Said He'll Talk With Our Adversaries

Ok that was ten times. Have I counteracted MSMs truthiness yet, or do I still need to copy&paste it a few more times for you to believe it?

Sangermaine -1 points 1 day ago [-]

I deleted it because I realized it wasn't worth getting into an argument with a True Believer, but if you wish...

Let's see now:

According to that he wants to back out of all major international political and economic organizations. That does sound like burying our head in the sand to me.

Talk with foreign nations 1 on 1? Personally negotiate individual trade agreements with every country on Earth? That's ridiculous. It makes to create a standardized system in an interconnected world. It makes sense to have a permanent forum for international diplomacy instead of having to do it one by one, case by case. It makes sense to have an established, third-party place to take our disputes when we need resolution.

He wants to talk with Iran? Oh goodie! What exactly would they talk about? Sending in inspectors to check their nuclear energy programs? Oh, wait, that would be a UN agency, so that's no good. Threaten international sanctions and shunning if they don't comply? Oh, wait, there's no forum to do that in, unless he goes door-to-door to convince other countries to get on board. But since he's just such a great guy, it'll be no trouble to get Iran to cooperate with us.

What he wants IS isolationism. He wants to isolate America's policies from that of the world, a Bush-esque "go it alone" path where America works for itself and doesn't consider anything else.

Although, it would be fun if you could post that "talk to our adversaries" sentence a thousand times. Would you mind?

thirdoffive -1 points 1 day ago * [-]

Personally negotiate individual trade agreements with every country on Earth?

We do that anyway. It's called the Department of State. The WTO just sets up some standardized conventions for the benefit of the uber wealthy. I would have thought a bleeding heart liberal would like renegotiating trade agreements outside of the rich-people-only-club.

What exactly would they talk about? Sending in inspectors to check their nuclear energy programs?

No. I think he's said he wouldn't try to stop them with force and I'd assume silly inspectors. We talked to the USSR all the time and they were much more fierce.

Threaten international sanctions and shunning if they don't comply?

Again I would have expected a liberal to know that cutting people off only strengthens the authoritarian grip around them. Perhaps if we had traded with Iraq we wouldn't be at war with them and thousands of children wouldn't have died of starvation.

What he wants IS isolationism.

Trading, talking, no preemptive attacks. Your definition of isolationism is weird.

If someone one talks to all their kids teachers on a regular basis but skips the formal parent-teacher conferences does that mean they are uninvolved in their children's lives? You far over emphasize useless formalities.

Although, it would be fun if you could post that "talk to our adversaries" sentence a thousand times. Would you mind?

I would, but I don't want to clog up the tubes...

Sangermaine 1 point 14 hours ago [-]

I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I wanted to reply. First off, sorry for all the snark in the last responses. I was being a jerk.

You're mistaken about my beliefs; I am not a "bleeding heart liberal". I believe that capitalism and the free markets are the best economic system. But I don't believe in a laissez-faire philosophy. There is a place for government and social institutions in both the market and politics.

For instance, the WTO is extremely useful in economic negotiations. It sets up a system that works to eliminate trade barriers such as tarriffs, quotas, etc, which benefits the world economy. It's efficient to set up a system where people can bring their economic grievances and get them settled, and to establish rules of trade, rather than having endless tit-for-tat protectionist battles over tariffs.

There was a reason the WTO was set up, and it's not to benefit the uber-wealthy. If you believe in trade, you believe in ending protectionist policies, and the WTO is the key to this. It's not a perfect institution, and the negotiations for the opening of world markets is long and bitter (as witnessed by the last two stalled rounds of WTO negotiations). But in the end the WTO and institutions like it help the market.

Similarly, the World Bank and the IMF do too, though they are far more flawed than the WTO because they are run by hardcore ideologues which results in things like the Malawi article mentioned here. While I believe in a free market, I think it's a goal to be worked towards, not a panacea for all ills, and when you put ideology over people starving, you're making a mistake. These organizations need a willingness to explore alternative options, like these fertilizer subsidies, to stabilize and build a country's economy so that later it can open up and engage in the free market.

Incidentally, Malawi is exactly right about the hypocrisy of US and EU farm subsidies, and this has been a huge, huge, huge issue at the WTO meetings. In fact, the organization might have been rendered useless by their unwillingness to consider changes. The whole point of the WTO is to end subsidies and tariffs and let the markets work as they will, and this has resulted in changed policies across the world in many areas. But when it comes to agriculture, the US and EU have gotten Third World countries to lower their barriers while keeping up the US and EU ones. The Third World nations are very bitter about this and it's a huge sticking point. Hopefully some progress can be made, but this is why the WTO exists, to provide a forum for nations to work out their economic issues. The fact is that today's economy is a global one, and rules need to be set at a global level. We can't afford to let regional protectionism or favoritism hamper things because it affects everyone. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act and the wave of retaliations broke the world economy in the 30s; we don't need that again.

If there were no ground rules, it would be even worse for poor countries, because "might makes right" would be the rule of the day. How can Malawi fairly negotiate one-on-one with the US? Or how can anyone, for that matter, other than China, Japan, or the EU. It's too easy to impose massively unfair, protectionist systems that favor us in the short run but ultimately harm the world economy because they hinder truly free trade which would be accomplished through the lowering of barriers everywhere.

Similarly, the UN is a terribly designed institution. But it's the only thing we've got where countries can bring their grievances and debate world issues. It provides ground rules for international behavior, which provides stability and safety. Countries have to at least pretend to give a crap about the UN, and so it forces them to negotiate with others. There are mechanisms for non-violently solving problems. The UN is massively flawed, but that's a reason why we should support it more to improve rather than dumping it out the window.

When you remove any sort of system of rules and leave the international scene as a free-for-all, you make it much more dangerous. I don't know about Paul, but what if later another Bush comes to power? One who doesn't even have to pretend to care about diplomacy or the world? I agree Iraq and Iran were handled terribly, but the you're arriving at the wrong solution.

Take your classroom example. What if when talking to each teacher the parent agrees to different policies? And what if upon each teacher learning of the other policies, they want changes, and so on? Wouldn't it make more sense to just set one policy and take care of grievances all at once? They're not "useless formalities"; they provide order and a framework to operate in. And as you said, diplomacy nation-to-nation can still go on. The UN just provides a frame for overall negotiation and policy.

This is why I see Paul's policies as flashy but unrealistic. They're for an idealized world, not the one we're in.

trenchfever 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Unfortunately I cannot find any links but during many African famines, the US has dumped tons of wheat into the ocean to prevent market flooding. At least they could have dumped in Africa. Capitalism Sucks

ruesdedr 1 point 1 day ago [-]

I heard famine is the shit, or gives you the shits, or something.

AndrewBenton 1 point 1 day ago [-]

The reason the poor starve is because capitalism cannot make a profit feeding them.

yungJoc 22 points 1 day ago [-]

... or because, if we actually manage to donate food to such desperate people, their shithole leaders don't give them to the poor?

aeoo 2 points 1 day ago * [-]

... or because, if we actually manage to donate food to such desperate people, their shithole leaders don't give them to the poor?

You just described the essence of capitalism. You have to pay the people less than the value they contribute in order to make profit. If you pay people exactly what they are worth, where will you get profit from?

The problem is rooted in the sense of ownership that people have. At some point people believe that what they own is what they deserve to own, and it's hard to turn away from that point.

cezar 4 points 1 day ago [-]

I think you speak of the essence of greed and humanity. "Capitalism" is using money or some other form of capital to move around "wealth". It is neither good or evil. A greedy person will horde and cheat against others no matter what people use to move around wealth and resources. This is what caused the failure of "Communism" in it's respective attempts. It's not about the system, it's about the people. Take a good system and put it in the hands of bad people and the results will be bad. Put a bad system in the hands of good people and you maybe surprised to find that it will end up good.

aeoo 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Exactly. However as I see it, when people say "capitalism" they mean "right to accumulate wealth regardless of consequences". Yes, in purely technical terms you are right, and I say the same thing from time to time. It's the people and not the system. Put good people into any system, be it a monarchy, or anarchy, or communism, or capitalism, and they will do equally well.

satx 2 points 1 day ago [-]

To be fair, they live in a region of the world notorious for drought and famine. There's just not that much food to go around there period.

aeoo 2 points 1 day ago * [-]

I agree that is part of the problem. However if people weren't afraid and if they weren't bullied from the top, they could be industrious. But it's hard to be industrious when the wealthy layer of society is hell-bent on keeping and increasing their wealth at all costs (even if it kills everyone else).

They can import the food from outside if they setup some factories and make something people from outside want to buy.

People themselves cannot do it because they are so starved they cannot think about anything clearly and plus, starving drains the hope in the future (unless you're a spiritual titan or something). They need the wealthy people to share and help them. In our brand of capitalism it's called a "handout", because we arbitrarily believe that what you own is what you deserve to own. So if you own nothing, you deserve it and if you own 1000 slaves, you also deserve it, and so on. Morality does not mitigate ownership in our extremely materialistic society. Granted it's not this bad in USA where people still help out sometimes (but not that much, to be honest). But that region in the photo has the worst of it.

It's a human tragedy. It's not a nature tragedy.

yungJoc 2 points 1 day ago [-]

Exactly, They live in horrible conditions with little food.

While there may not be much incentive to develop factories to help them, the United States has so much wealth it could feed them 3 times over given the chance.

Capitalism has given the western world enormous wealth, but it hasn't "subtracted" from the rest of the world (in terms of their wealth).

ilyag 13 points 1 day ago * [-]

Good job reducing a complex situation with countless social, political, and natural aspects into an over-simplified ideological attack.

Go educate yourself.

KillerAngel7 -1 points 1 day ago [-]

Yes, one sentence may not do their suffering justice, but that one sentence expresses a major contributor. There is more than enough food in the world for everyone to eat well every day, but most people will never experience a decent meal.

ilyag 2 points 1 day ago * [-]

If you couldn't be bothered to click on the one and only link I gave in my comment that DID explain the cause of this famine (an ethnic and religion-fueled civil war, which lead to decreases in production and destruction of resources), then obviously no amount of talking or explaining by me will be enough for you at this point in time. You're leaving me no choice but to call you a moron.

I'm sorry. You're a moron.

I hope others here will forgive me for stooping to such a low level, but you left me no choice.

KillerAngel7 0 points 1 day ago [-]

Wow, if only I had mentioned the rest of the world, then maybe I wouldn't have been so damn wrong!

ladycrappo 4 points 1 day ago [-]

Because, you know, no one ever starved under communism.

Vomit 3 points 1 day ago [-]

All those poor starving bastards in those countries that have capitalism. Yep.

Seems to me these people are starving because of a lack of capitalism in their particular shithole corner of the world.

ElbridgeGerry 0 points 1 day ago [-]

Because nobody has ever starved in a capitalist society.

dangph 4 points 1 day ago * [-]

That's right. Capitalism has been more successful than any other system in feeding people. Capitalism has been so successful that people are now talking about "obesity epidemics"---a problem many people in the world can only wish they had.

In contrast, the systems with the worst records are probably kleptocracies and socialism. Both have been responsible for mass starvations on unimaginable scales.

There is some room to argue that capitalism needs a little socialism to make it work well (i.e. social democracy), but to blame starvation on capitalism is really really stupid.

ruesdedr 0 points 1 day ago * [-]

I'm familiar with the US style of an economy where the corporation and government are in bed with one another but not this capitalism you speak of.

Please tell me more. Perhaps there is a book or a 12 part audio cassette tape pack I can purchase ?

hexayurt 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Although war was a (big) factor in this guy's story, there's a lot of famine which is caused by bad farming practices.

This paper suggests that the villagers could double or triple their agricultural output using organic methods, which would not require them to buy in outside fertilizers.

Of course, if you have access to fertilizer, that's not a damn bad idea either - I'm not saying this has to be organic - only that there's a lot that can be done.

Mousy 2 points 1 day ago [-]

... wow

nosajman 1 point 1 day ago [-]

I think he'll make it. You have to be careful to start slow, the urge to gorge oneself when so hungry could kill you.

kbnxb6 7 points 1 day ago [-] would be more apt.

braneworld 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Thats one of the most disturbing pics I have ever seen.

How can people let that happen to each other?


Especially while most of us Americans are all overweight.

frootsmoothie 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Oddly, my very fist reaction was an intense desire to pick them up, to hold them like a child or an injured animal. Not really a comment meant to mean anything in particular, just stating how startled I was at my own reaction - it's amazing how one can be so sickly emaciated that someone like myself barely recognizes them as being an adult human. Heart breaking.

bluebaby 3 points 1 day ago * [-]

Idiotic super models everywhere look at this with great envy.

madmax_br5 5 points 1 day ago [-]

Nachtwey is an amazing photographer. Also, check out Sebastiao Salgado's book "Sahel: the end of the road" Took him over 20 years to get it published because the publishers thought it was so shocking, no one would buy it. more salgado photos

apathy 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Salgado is amazing. His book 'Workers' is also deeply affecting, for very different reasons.

cangiano 1 point 1 day ago * [-]

There is a link between this reddit story and another one. Can you find it?

This story features a picture similar to the one by Kevin Carter. The Manic Street Preachers wrote a song called Kevin Carter. Their guitarist disappeared, and as such is featured in this list of people who have disappeared, just like D.B Cooper from the other reddit story.

knockedout 1 point 1 day ago [-]

This shouldn't happen.

archemedes_rex 1 point 1 day ago * [-]

Hello God, it's me, Archemedes. Again.


zmigliozzi 2 points 1 day ago [-]

Terrible to see, but like most, I'm just going to comment then go back to what I was doing. Giving money or playing benefit concerts just doesn't do it for me, I still feel like I'm not helping. Droughts there, it just shows how catastrophic it can be.

Bored -2 points 1 day ago [-]

Blame inefficient charity organizations. They don't know how to get to people like you and me who are willing to help, but don't feel like anything we do will help. They need to give me solid proof that my money will help out.

Sangermaine 8 points 1 day ago [-]

What? Blame the charity organizations for you sitting on your lazy ass? That's rich. You could get out and help if you wanted. There are thousands of ways to help out, some as extreme as joining an organization and going there, many more minor. Do you really think that Sudan is in the condition it's in today because of "charity organizations"? If so, you really might want to go educate yourself and stop making excuses. I'm not saying I'm better, but I'm not going to bullshit about my laziness and say I'm not helping because other people are pushing me hard enough.

Bored -4 points 1 day ago [-]

Well of course I am lazy, so are you and so is zmigliozzi. The cost of doing actual research on which charity I should give to or what I can do to help is too much for me to get off my house. But I still have the desire to donate. Charities need to figure out a way how to attract people like me. There is a huge demand for donating to charity and they aren't supplying it the right way.

CampusTour 5 points 1 day ago [-]

WTF? Charities are spending so much trying to reach people like you that their current donors bitch about fundraising expenses. Pay yourself whatever you make an hour out of the amount you want to donate, and spend a hour on the internet look up stuff.

Or, if you want it spoon-fed to you:

BTW, you will find something to hate about every charity out there. Once an organization gets big enough to put a dent in a problem, they cant help but develop some of the problems that plague any large organization.

Bored -2 points 1 day ago [-]

You are missing the point of why I don't donate. It is not that I can't find the organization to give money to; I know there are plenty. The problem is, I don't know where would be the best place to put my money in. I cannot be an informed donater because there isn't any database of charity reviews I can go to.

I wrote about this in my blog:

KillerAngel7 2 points 1 day ago [-]

I'm pretty sure that Jesus says something about giving every penny you have to help those who need it. You may reject his godhood, but he was very right about a lot of things.

CampusTour 3 points 1 day ago [-]

You know, I don't know what the best restraunt in town is, but that doesn't mean I don't eat out. I don't know what the best car out there is, but that doesn't stop me from driving. There is no "best" or "perfect" charity. They're all going to have problems. While you're waiting for that non-existant charity, and writing poorly written blogs critical of other people's donations, other people are helping, and you're not.

Bored 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Would you buy a car without knowing why it is priced the way it is? Would you make any sort of investment with blind faith that it would help?

It's a fact that people don't want to put the effort in the research, but still want to donate. You think the right way to is to shame them? Guilt them into doing the right thing? I am sorry, but that's not how you are going to change things.

You're responding hysterically because this issue is taboo. Not all donations are smart ones, just like not all purchases are good deals. Yes, I might be hypocritical for being critical of other people's donations, but that doesn't change the facts. I am not looking for the "perfect" charity, I am looking for a way to measure which ones are better than others.

CampusTour 2 points 1 day ago [-]

I buy a car when it is a car that suits my needs, at a price I can afford, and at the lowest price I can find. That said, I know damn well that somebody inside of 100 miles from me got a better deal on the same car.

How much research do you think you need to do? You do know that the BBB does charities too, right? You are aware that there are tons of charity rankings out there? Its not hard at all to find a reputable charity to take your money.

You're not looking for anything but a clever way to get credit for money you're not giving.

"Oh, I want to donate, and I would, but theres just no way to find good charities, woe is me, I think I'll just be forced to spend the money on beer".

Throw down or fuck off. You can't be so dumb as to not be able to find a 501(c)(3) to donate to with only 30 minutes on the web.

Bored 1 point 1 day ago * [-]

Targeting me for my lack of donations isn't going to help your argument.

You buy a car that suits your needs, reasonable. What if my needs for donating are too know that I am actually helping? Throwing money at a problem is not the way to fix it. I could find a charity to donate to in a matter of seconds. But again, that won't satisfy my needs.

The fact is, there are plenty of people like me who would be willing to donate if information is easier to attain. All we need is a small website where people get to rank, review, and evaluate charities. This way we can have an easy way to narrow down the charities we would like to donate to.

Instead of bitching about the problem, how about you try to fix it.

narkee 7 points 1 day ago [-]

Blame fraudulent charity organizations. They don't know how to get to people like you and me who are willing to help, but don't feel like anything we do will help. They need to give me solid proof that my money will help out.

Fixed that for ya.

reddit_user13 -1 points 1 day ago [-]

The US in 50 years.

d07c0m 0 points 1 day ago * [-]

Are you sure that's not Nicole Richie crawling out of an LA nightclub at 7am? (sorry)

GrayOne -2 points 1 day ago [-]

So Lohan is in Africa now?

satx -4 points 1 day ago [-]

That's Nicole Richie.

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Phobie -4 points 1 day ago [-]

I really didn't need or want to see that.

KillerAngel7 0 points 1 day ago [-]

Now that you did, how will you change your life? Not at all? I thought as much. As much as it pains me to say it, I'll probably forget about this completely by tomorrow morning. I wish I had the strength of character required to act on my convictions, But I fear I may never even attempt to change the world. Sometimes I wonder if that makes me a bad person, and I think "no, it makes you human." But am I just rationalizing my apathy? Perhaps apathy is not the right word. I truly care down to the depths of my soul. I avoid driving downtown because seeing the homeless breaks my heart. When I pass them I hate myself for not stopping. Even if I truly have no money, wouldn't their lives be better if I simply acknowledged them? Even if I can't ease their burden, why won't I stop and say "hi?" Why must I have such a calloused attitude towards my brethren? And then my mind drifts back to it's eternal struggle: "Am I a bad person?" My greatest fear is of being alone, no one to love or be loved by me, and yet what am I doing to prevent such a situation? If fear can not motivate me maybe it is fear that stays my hand. A deep and terrible part of me enjoys the status quo, and when I remember that I ask myself: "Am I a bad person?" The people close to me tell me that the fact that I have such struggles indicates that I am not, but empty words do little to lighten a heavy heart. I know that I have it in my power to do more. I always have at least a little money in my account, but is it wise to remove my safety net in order to help others, whose name I don't even know? And why do I expect other to sacrifice what I will not? When I am on my deathbed, what will I think of my life? Will I be satisfied with my happiness? Or will I detest my actions? And how, when I pass the limit of my life, will I be able to stand before whatever power that created us and say, "I could have done more to help people, I simply chose not to?" Am I truly content with the knowledge that its happening to somebody else, or are Bill Watterson's words "we're all somebody else to somebody else" what haunts me? Only time will tell what fate has in store for me, and maybe one day I'll master my fears, but today is not that day.

AMerrickanGirl 1 point 23 hours ago [-]

Try breaking that up into a couple of paragraphs.

bravehumans 4 points 1 day ago [-]

Okay, let's change the world. Where do we start? Seriously, take a single step. Just having the courage to write what you did is a start. So let's encourage that. Let's create a space where we can encourage each other to change the world.

We can do it. We just have to try.

KillerAngel7 1 point 1 day ago [-]

First I take my Paxil!

KillerAngel7 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Then I'll be happy and won't care anymore.

bravehumans 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Ah, apathy.

You make the world you live in.

userunderscorename -1 points 1 day ago [-]

No one put a gun to your head. Or did they??

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bib4tuna -4 points 1 day ago [-]

Why stay alive? I'd kill myself for much less.

Sangermaine 5 points 1 day ago [-]

I've got $12.

satx 1 point 1 day ago [-]

And I've got five on it.

KillerAngel7 0 points 1 day ago [-]

Life is too precious to joke about such things.

bib4tuna 1 point 1 day ago [-]

Is it really?

KillerAngel7 1 point 1 day ago [-]

No, I was just joking.