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During the summer of 1998, the school principal (Dr. Richard Fenchak) sent letters of interest soliciting the selection of a school mascot via a vote to the freshmen students who had registered to become the first class at Archbishop Carroll High School, the Class of 2002.  The first Carroll High students thus selected the “Bulldog” to be the school mascot.

Thus, we quickly needed photos of a bulldog.  Dr. Fenchak remembered that some friends in Columbus, Georgia had a bulldog.  Approached by him, “Dooley”’s owners agreed to supply Dr. Fenchak with several pictures of their bulldog. (As you can see, “Dooley” is very photogenic!)  And so he became “our mascot,” though he lived in Columbus.


During the fall of 1998, “Dooley” was succeeded as the school mascot by “Archie,” a bulldog here in Miami owned by the parents of a Carroll High freshman.  Because “Archie” was a puppy, he was rather small for us to use in our publicity photos.  Therefore, all photos that called for a bulldog to appear, (newsletters, etc.) continued to feature “Dooley”.

“Archie” acquired celebrity status in November of 1999 when he was reported  “missing” from the home of his owners.  Channel 7 TV (Miami) learned of this when someone called their “Hotline.”  The station put out a “missing dog” report that included the conjecture that perhaps he had been “dognapped,” since, after all, he was a “Mascot” for the school!  This was not the case, however.  “Archie” was discovered the next day at the home of a neighbor.  How it all happened was that “Archie’s” owners had a window cleaner who came to their home to clean windows.   At the same time, the family owned another dog in addition to “Archie.”  When the window cleaner was annoyed by the “yapping” of the outside dog, he put that dog inside the house and “Archie” out!.  Still a puppy, and no doubt excited to be in the great outdoors,  “Archie” used his newly found freedom to wander away down the street where he was found by a neighbor.  Following his return to his owners, Channel 7 sent a news crew out to cover the story here.  They featured our bulldog on the Noon News, broadcast remote from a truck here on campus.  What publicity and what a star “Archie” was!  It was a good time for all!  It was short-lived, however, because, unfortunately, two years later, “Archie” was struck and killed by an automobile.  We later learned that Archie was deaf and thus probably not aware of the danger posed by the presence of the vehicle that killed him.

With “Archie’s”death, “Dooley” resumed his role as school mascot.  As  mentioned previously, “Dooley's photos had been used in all Carroll High publications from the time the school opened in 1998, even during “Archie’s” reign.  So, in a sense, “Dooley” never left his role.

In the summer of 2002, “Dooley's Columbus, Georgia family decided that they could no longer keep him because they had a growing human family. They asked if someone here at Carroll High might be interested in giving him a good home.  The Carroll High administration leaped at the opportunity to bring him to Miami!

Our school secretary at the time had just lost a bulldog and thus was very eager to take “Dooley” in.  He made his debut at the “Meet the Teachers” night on September 17, 2002 in the Bulldog Gym.  Since then, he has made numerous appearances at school pep rallies and sports events since then.  While his owner left our employment in the spring of 2005, “Dooley” continues as our official school mascot.  The next page contains some photos of “Dooley”.


Dooley Watches You

Dooley Rules Regally
(The official photo of Dooley
used on school publications)


Dooley asks, “What’s that, you say?” Dooley is all tuckered out….
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