Mysterious story: Blessings

At some point, Panko, the studio's cat, begain doing strange things. They would sit and stare at an empty space, devoid of anything. Sometimes they would sit in the same pose for around thirty minutes.

Thinking it was strange, and taking a closer look, it wasn't that they were looking at a place with nothing there, but it appears they were looking up at the top of the wall, at a small talisman that had been affixed there.

It was a talisman for home safety and good business that I, B, had bought a while back at an old temple in Kyoto that is reputed to be blessed.

Before long, Panko, who had been staring at the talisman, turned towards me, as if he was going to say something to me. At first, it was his usual "meow, meow"s, but soon it sounded like he was actually trying to talk to me with words.

It sounded like "food" to me. "A cat that can speak human words, saying 'food'?" I thought, but even though i brought him his food, he wouldn't eat. But he kept looking between me and the talisman, and meowed, "food" for sure.

Thinking, "it just might be", I placed an offering below the talisman, and just then, he stopped meowing. For a while after that, I continued to make offerings based on Panko's urgings.

Even though I kind of thought it was foolish, I kind of wanted to believe in the power of the talisman that I had bought.

Around a month after Panko's strange actions had begun, a rash of burglaries started in our area. Because our studio is in an industrial district, the burglar did his work on those lonely Saturdays and Sundays.

I'd heartd that the offices on either side of the Mister Stain studio were both hit, and had their computers and their safes stolen.

But strangely, even though we're surrounded by offices that were hit, they never even tried to pry their way into our studio.

At that time, we didn't even have a security system, so if they had gotten in, they could have taken all of the work we had done up until that time, including the video backups for Mister Stain.

After these incidents ended, Panko stopped asking for the offerings, and he stopped looking at the talisman as well.

Even now, I feel that those offerings were compensation for our studio being protected, and I have this feeling that using a cat to ask for food kind of makes it a spirt like the kind you might find in Mister Stain.