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Southwest Serbia

Uzice, the center of Zlatibor county, is located in southwest of Serbia. There are about 45 000 people living in Uzice today. Uzice and it's surroundings were heavily bombed by NATO air forces. During these days many civilian objest without any military value were utterly destroyed.

Tornik, located on the Zlatibor mountain, was one of such targets. Almost all objects on 2000 square meters surface are completely destroyed: Medical institute 'Cigota', ski center, children resthood, ambulance, kitchen, restaurant,..

Besides it bridge in Biljanovac village over Ibar was crashed down. On Kopaonik mountain NATO action caused great damage on 'Baciste' hotel. NATO warplanes also bombed bridge in Bistrica couple of times until it was destroyed.

In the following days NATO targeted several more objects in Uzice area: health center 'Cigota' on Zlatibor mountain with 6 missiles, satelite station near Ivanjica (6 missiles) and bridge on Bistrica river, near Novi Varos (2 missiles).

Main post in Uzice downtown was also hit by NATO bombs. 18 thousand telephone lines are out of order. During this attacks many civilians were killed and injured. The rest are all left without telephones and bridges, without connection to their freinds and relatives, waiting for one more night of bombing.

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