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Michael St Clair

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Zen of Stars: Michael St Clair, Futurist and Visionary
A video interview with Michael St Clair
Montreux, Switzerland, September 2006

Michael St Clair

Project Camelot had the great pleasure of interviewing Michael St Clair, a renowned futurist and visionary, at the magical Chateau de Chillon in Montreux. St Clair has written a book called Zen of Stars that addresses the transformations and earth changes which are coming in the next few years.

As he says: "We are psychic beings inhabiting a physical reality." St Clair is a synthesist who covers areas as diverse as astrology, astronomy, cosmology and the evolution of the human soul. Inspired by the work of Krishnamurti, he talks about the future of the planet Earth and our growing awareness that is launching us into an enlightened view of the merging of realities.

His work centers around the notion of the growth of small communities and safe places – where those who wish to ride out the coming years can live true to their ideals while maintaining the calm necessary to be ports of shelter to those around us.

Click here for a transcript of the video interview.


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