Deforestation of the Mau Forest Complex is mainly due to sawmill businesses 



MACOFA started in 2000 when Forest Action Network (FAN) invited Mau stakeholders to a workshop that discussed the need for a fact-finding trip of Mau Forest Complex. Initially FAN visited Community Food and Environment Group (COFEG) and discussed working modalities where COFEG was to be mobilizing other CBOs that are in environment and natural resource management for workshops and exposures that are necessary to enhance conservation of Mau Complex. 


School children participate in restoring of Trees in their community


MACOFA vision is to have a forest ecosystem that sustains economic, ecological and social needs of Mau Community in Kenya and the watershed as a whole.


 Its Mission is to restore and sustain biological, aesthetic, economic and cultural values of the Mau Forest Complex and improve community livelihoods


Partners and the local community on a tour of the Mau Forest Complex 


Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) it involves developing strategies to address issues of forest access and management through:-

- Literacy on existing legislations and opportunities

- Capacity building on Participatory Forest Management (PFM) and formation of Community Forest Associations (CFAs)

- Organizational strengthening for CFAs i.e. institutional building and skills development

- Gender mainstreaming in resource management including women and   youth advancement

- HIV/AIDS mitigation and provision of relevant information.

- Conflict management/peace building to enhance coexistence and resource management



Community Participation in a cultural biodiversity workshop, local communities form the CFA's at grassroot levels 


As a network MACOFA memberships comprise CBOs and CFAs adjacent Mau Forest Complex that are in forestry, environment and natural resource management fields. The benefits of joining MACOFA include:

- Coordination and Voice:

- Capacity building and skills development:

- Information, knowledge and experience sharing:

- Representation and participation

- Linking up with relevant partners












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