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basic Tip #229: First thing to try before asking help

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created:   March 27, 2002 19:17      complexity:   basic
author:   Arun Easi      as of Vim:   5.7

I've seen several questions asked in the reflector which is available in the help files.
Yeah, I know the help is huge. But, you can try this command to show a list of related
topics you are trying:
   :he <topic><c-d>
It is "some topic" followed by the key sequence Ctrl-D. For eg:
   :he xterm<c-d>
will show all the help topics matching xterm. Then you can do completion/copy-n-paste
the topic you are searching. Of course you can cycle through all the topics through
repeated <TABS>, but if the number of hits are huge, it is cumbersome.

Enjoy vimming beginners!!!

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Additional Notes

Anonymous, March 27, 2002 19:20
Forgot to add that <c-d> can be used for listing other matches also.
For eg:
:e <c-d> "to show list of files matching the pattern
:buf <c-d> "to show list of open buffers etc.

kgergely@mclRE.MOVEhu, April 3, 2002 6:16
Also see the widemenu.
My settings:
set wildmenu wildmode=longest:full,full
What it does:
First tab: longest match, list in the statusbar.
Next tabs: cycle through matches. (Like in the shell)
jaldripublic at comcast dot net, November 17, 2003 8:15

    :helpgrep {pattern}

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