The ladies of professional wrestling have been entertaining fans back to the early-1900's.  The Cauliflower Alley Club recognizes the contributions they have made to the business and the challenges they faced.

Under the supervision of Ladies Honoree Chairperson, Penny Banner, the Club is proud to honor the ladies of the sport.




Betty Niccoli

2007 Laura Martinez
  Betty Jo Hawkins
2006 Jessica Rogers
  Vivian Vachon (posthumous)
2005 Miss Bunny Love
2004 Ann Casey
  Margaret Garcia
  Sandy Parker
2003 Rhonda Singh (posthumous)
  Verne Bottoms
2002 Judy Grable
  Maria DeLeon
  Nell Stewart
2001 Rita Cortez
  Kay Noble
  Marie LaVerne
  Ann LaVerne
2000 Titi Paris
  Ethel Brown
  Natasha the Hatchet Lady
  Beverly Shade
1997 The Fabulous Moolah
  Diamond Lil
1996 Bonnie Watson
  Judy Glover
  Molly McShane
  Tammy Sytch
  Ella Waldek
1995 Masami Yoshida
  Chigusa Nagayo
  Gloria Barratini
  Millie Stafford
  Sue Sexton
1994 Brittany Brown
  Candi Devine
  Kitty Adams
  Sherri Martel
  Peggy Allen
  Sue Green
1993 Wendi Richter
  Barbi Dahl
  Peggy Patterson
1992 Penny Banner
  Debbie Combs
  Belle Starr
  Donna Christantello
  Katie Glass
Prior to 1992 Maria Bernardi
  Mildred Burke
  June Byers
  Bette Clark
  Cora Combs
  Gladys "Killem" Gillem
  Ida Mae Martinez
  Rita Martinez
  Clara Mortensen
  Therese Theis
  Ella Waldek
  Mae Weston
  Johnny Mae Young