About the Red Ultras

The Red Ultras supporters group started in 1999 and was made up of mainly Westhill Reds. We approached AFC and explained our ideas. The Pittodrie officials gave us the go ahead to hang banners in the stadium. The first year or so the new group simply displayed the group banners at every match,then we attempted some card displays in different stands. The participation form the fans was only about 65% and the displays didnt quite go to plan. These days the Red Army always participate and never let us down when it comes to our big display actions.

After having our flag confiscated at hampden twice in one season by strathclyde police our chief exec contacted all police forces in scotland and explained we were a genuine supporters group, and that our banner was only adding colour to the occassion. Nowadays we are allowed to display our colours at most stadiums up and down the country.

The group now has a vast amount of display material in stock and are constanly adding to it, so we can stay ahead of the rest in the UK. Supporters of teams from all over the UK have now started groups similar to ours and that shows we are doing things right. Getting organised displays takes a lot of time and effort, and fan participation, and as any member of any UK fan group will tell you thats not always easy.

We have a great relationship with AFC, and our group was involved in many centenary events helping add colour to the occassion. If any UK group wants to progress then they have to get on with the club.This helps us enormously and helps keep us the UK's number one fan group. Our numbers are growing rapidly and donations to our display fund are coming in from far and wide.

Our displays have improved greatly and the projects are getting bigger and bigger,which also means testing the group to the limit but we always come through. Some of our displays have been shown around the world and our recent STAND FREE display pic was used for the safe standing at football grounds campaign.

Fans throughout the world now stand up and take notice of what we are trying to achieve under difficult circumstances which can only be a good thing for AFC.

It has been proven our support is second to none, the AFC teams haven't been having the best decade and yet the Red Army turn out in force wherever the Dons play.

We are also pleased to announce an official friendship with the Boavista group the Panteras Negras. The main reason for the link is that both clubs were formed in 1903 and a member of the PN was working in the Granite city and witnessed our group in the RDS during our centenary year. In may seven Red Ultras members attended the Oporto derby with the Panteras Negras and the freindship was truly cemented that weekend.

The future for the group is very exciting with lots of new ideas and projects keeping all the members busy. One aim for the group is to increase the volume within the RDS and we wont stop until we reach our goals...so thanks for visiting our site and any dandy is welcome to join the group and help us with our aims. Its a lot of hard work but extremely satisfying, especially when you see all your hard work blossom for the reds coming out onto the pitch.


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