Nato a: Bimbo (Rep.Centrafricana)
il 02/03/1981

Nazionalità sportiva: Repubblica Centraficana


Romain Guessagba Sato Lebel was born March 2, 1981 in  Bimbo, Central African Republic. His role on the parquet is guard/forward.

A BRIEF HISTORY – Although he first sets foot on a court in his home country, it’s coming to the United States that allows him to construct a first class technical-tactical package to go along with his already important athletic ability. In January of 1999, Romain Sato joins the  Dayton Christian High School team (closing the season with 26.4ppg and 15.0rpg), then enrols at Xavier University (NCAA) in Cincinnati for a remarkably eventful four years. Sato closes his senior season (2003/2004) with an average of 16.3ppg, 8.0rpg and 2.3apg.
Chosen in the 2004 NBA draft to wear San Antonio’s #52, Romain Sato remains with the Spurs until February 2005. The following summer, he goes to Europe and signs with the LegaDue team Aurora Jesi. He proves to be an authentic star in Italy’s second division: second highest pointmaker during the regular season with 25.5ppg (adding 7.5rpg). In the three playoff games he averages 35.0ppg and 14.6rpg with a high of 43 points scored against Carife Ferrara during the 3rd match. After the Jesi experience, Romain Sato accepts an offer from FC Barcelona to play in the Liga ACB playoffs. In the five games, he averages  8’ on the court, 2.6ppg and 1.4rpg.
His first season with Mens Sana Basket is 2006/2007 and his performance proves him one of the Italian championship’s best surprises: a vertical athlete that’s a great scorer and good on defence. Sato is, in fact, one of Montepaschi’s championship win’s stars.