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  1. Aerospace & Energetics Research
  2. Aerodynamics Laboratory
  3. Benson Hall
  4. Engineering Annex
  5. Engineering Library
  6. Fluke Hall
  7. Guggenheim Hall
  8. Harris Hydraulics
  9. Kirsten Aeronautical Laboratory
  10. Loew Hall
  11. Mechanical Engineering Building
  12. More Hall
  13. Mueller Hall
  14. Roberts Annex
  15. Roberts Hall
  16. Sieg Hall
  17. Wilcox Hall
  18. Wilson Annex
  19. Wilson Ceramic Laboratory
  20. EE/CSE Building

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Kirsten Aeronautical Laboratory

Kirsten Aerodynamics Laboratory

In 1934 Professor F. K. Kirsten promoted the idea of a wind tunnel for aeronautical research tests. He arranged funding for construction from Washington State, the Public Works Administration, and the Boeing Company. The building was designed by Bebb and Gould and was constructed in 1936 for $124,501. The laboratory was called the Wind Tunnel until March 6, 1948.