WWE Champion John Cena def. Triple H and Edge (Triple Threat Match)

Written: April 30, 2006

John Cena is widely considered as the most controversial Champion in WWE history. As of late, he has lost the support of some of his fans. He has been pinned by Triple H and Edge in the past. The odds were stacked against him again at Backlash, as he could lose the WWE Championship without even being involved in the decision. But through it all, The Champ is still here.

John Cena, Triple H and Edge battled in arguably the most hellacious Triple Threat Match in WWE history. From the second the bell rang, the intensity was at a fever pitch. Edge tried to use his intelligence in the early goings by standing by on the outside, allowing Triple H and Cena to battle it out. Eventually, The Champ and The Game stopped attacking each other and double teamed the Rated R Superstar, but the partnership would not last long.

Things broke down in a hurry, and Edge managed to sling shot Triple H into the ring post, busting him wide open. In mere moments, the King of Kings was wearing the proverbial crimson mask, but he battled through it.

Triple H has criticized Cena in the past for a limited arsenal when it comes to in-ring offense, but The Champ utilized his underestimated wrestling skills to keep both The Game and Edge at bay. In fact, he had them both locked into the STFU on multiple occasions. But in the end, both Edge and Triple H showed amazing perseverance and refused to give up.

Things got really chaotic when referee Mickey Hensen went down during the latter stages of the match. Lita entered the fracas and charged at Triple H with a chair. He sidestepped her, though, and leveled Edge’s “ho” with a Spinebuster. With everyone knocked out, Triple H went for his trusty sledgehammer. When he returned to the ring, Edge hit him from out of nowhere with the spear.

By then Cena had recovered and went for an FU on the Rated R Superstar. Triple H rallied and stopped Cena dead in his tracks with a low blow. Edge fell to the outside, and The Game went for the Pedigree. The resourceful Cena, however, managed to reverse the maneuver into a bridged roll up for the 1-2-3 to retain the WWE Championship.

The King of Kings was beside himself, and was not going to just sit by and accept what had happened. Instead, he grabbed his weapon of choice and leveled Hensen, Edge and Cena. The Champ may have won the battle, but when it was all said and done, The Game looked to have won the war. The bloodied and battered King of Kings stood tall over all of the carnage and fallen bodies and left the ring after a series of defiant crotch chops.

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