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Podcast reviews - 11/5/06

Reporter: Jo Leutton

Presenter: Steve Austin

photo of 2

Jo Leutton enjoying his podcasts

Basic Brewing Radio
Blurb: Brewing your own beer is a tradition hundreds (if not thousands) of years old, and yet its an art that is still difficult to perfect. That's where podcasts about BYO (Brew Your Own) Beer are great. All those questions you were afraid to ask, or couldn't find an answer for - you can find your answer here. Basic Brewing Radio features interviews with people in the know, or that can give expert advice on any aspect of the home brewing process.
Episodes: Weekly, back to middle of 2005
Jo's Rating: I've tried my hand at brewing my own beer, and while I had a modicum of success, this did shed light on some of the more technical aspects of the brewing process. Also - it helps that it's pretty easy to listen to.

Applied Karate
Blurb: I've never needed to "apply" karate to anyone, but I'm sure that once I've listened to this, I'll be armed. Des (our host) guides us through the complex and tongue-twisting world of Karate in its various forms, and in doing so, you get to meet some very interesting people along the way. This podcast covers Karate's personalities, philosophies, techniques, technologies and history...
Episodes: 5
Jo's Rating: Des is a very amiable host, and a man who knows his Eastern Martial Arts! Good interview talent as well. I particularly love the understated way that these men with lethal skills talk about themselves!

Cranky Middle Manager
Blurb: We've all had to deal with middle management at one time or another, but what about being a middle manager? The name of this show gives it all away - "The Cranky Middle Manager Show". Wayne Turmel takes a light-hearted look at the in's & out's of Middle management, with some interesting interviews and commentary on the modern culture of our managers. As Wayne himself says - "If you ever feel stuck between the idiots that make the decisions and the morons who won't do as they're told, this is the show for you."
Episodes: 46
Jo's Rating: Refreshing and fun! A new look at a tired and weary job description... Wayne is hilarious, the content is interesting, and the talent well qualified to talk.

G'day World
Blurb: G'Day World claims to be the first Australian Podcast - which is pretty big shoes to fill, but great nonetheless. Hosted by Cameron Reilly, Managing Director and co-founder of The Podcast Network, along with friend Richard Giles, this is an unashamedly Aussie bloke's podcast. Swearing, Machine Cinema, listening to other podcasts - it's a good thing. And I must say, it's noice to hear a broad aussie accent.
Episodes: 122
Jo's Rating: Covering just about anything that people are interested on annoyed about - politics, religion, relationships - it's Aussie & proud, and a good listen. It also reminds you how close a community the podcasters are - they all know each other!

Napoleon 101
Blurb: I have found plenty of information about philosophy and religion, multiple discussions on architecture throughout history, and even the history of Sport, but this is the first podcast i have found that covers one specific person in history. Napoleon Bonaparte is the topic of passion for Cameron Reilly and J. David Markham, and it is a wonderful way of digesting history. Featuring music and speeches from the period, along with discussion of specific points of Napoleon's life, this is an interesting journey through the life of one of history's greatest figures.
Episodes: 5 - covering up to his marriage to Josephine, and his departure from Italy to take up his new command.
Jo's Rating: Well produced, informative, and a good discussion and dissection of the life of a great leader. The rousing speeches and music are a great touch.

Podsafe Music

Melissa Forbes
A Jazz/Blues singer from Brisbane! It's great to see Aussie musicians getting out there on the w-w-w! This is a great song, entitled "Blackhearted Blues".

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Last Updated: 12/05/2006 3:00:00 PM AEST

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