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Spellmaster.Com games are used in scores of countries by tens of thousands of students across the world. Providing stimulating activities in a wide range languages. Not only do they play an essential role in many award winning web web sites, but they also perform a vital part in motivating, entertaining and educating students in thousands of classrooms and homes across the world.

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These are ideal for class work or revision and are specifically designed to work  with projectors, interactive whiteboards and tablets
  For off-line creation - Introducing our exciting range of vocabulary games.
Rewritten and updated. Not only to do these versions have lots of new features, they also take the games creation process offline. Ideal for those wish to create a range of activities for their website or classroom, The game creation pack includes all files and instructions
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    For off-line creation with Sound - Now add your own voice to the games
These versions take the interactivity to a new level, allowing you to easily add voice sound files to the activities. The game creation pack includes all files and instructions
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