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Arda Online features a user-maintained game database of quests, items, NPCs, and other game data. We also have a high quality game map application using the Google Maps interface. Come browse, contribute, and join discussions about the best game around!

Lotro-Wiki is a free resource for any player of The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar. The site is intended to be a comprehensive source of information for everything about the game. Using wiki allows anyone who is a fan of LOTRO to contribute and help Lotro-Wiki become a great resource for the game.

LOTRO @ Curse
Created with the gamer in mind, LOTRO @ Curse brings you all the latest news, information, interviews, and tools for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. Our wiki-based site is easy to use and constantly being updated with new features and articles. Don't just visit a site, help develop it!

LOTRO Allakhazam
LOTRO Allakhazam hosts the most expansive set of game-related databases in the world. Our extensive information network includes detailed information on items, quests, accomplishments, mobs, skills and so much more. In addition, we have a highly regulated focus on editorial features like breaking news, opinion columns, developer updates, guides and considerable message forum chatter. Whether you are looking for quest walkthroughs, accomplishment details, skill specifics, or a friendly place to discuss your favourite game, LOTRO Allakhazam is your ideal destination!

LOTRO at w00t Radio
w00t Radio is an online radio station dedicated to supporting your gaming community. Our site provides player profiles and guild registry for over 30 MMO's including Lord of the Rings Online. We have news, forums, and the guild registry for LoTRO but more importantly we'll be focusing on providing quality entertainment and an added dimension to official and player run events in the game!

LOTROEdge is an insightful The Lord of the Rings Online resource and community. Learn more about exciting LOTRO news as well as discuss the game with friends in our community forums.

A great place to meet your fellow players and see the faces behind the names.

The most comprehensive site dealing with anything Interface related in LOTRO. From a place for authors to host their mods and users to download them, to technical help on creating and maintaining mods, plus a robust interface forum community.
Grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back and relax with our LOTRO dedicated Web Comic! Follow our heroes as they enter the adventure-filled world of The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. This is the first LOTRO-dedicated Web Comic site featuring not one, but two comics so be sure to drop by.

Lord of the Rings Online at
LOTRO at provides the players of LOTRO with gaming information, forums, kinship listings/private kinship forums, daily updated news/content, and LOTRO media (videos, screenshots, fan art, and more). The site is developed by players and allows for the gaming community to contribute to gaming content.

Massively provides great coverage of LOTRO news on their LOTRO portal. Check it out! 

Lord of the Rings Online Roleplayers Haven
This site provides a haven outside of The Lord of the Rings Online where all roleplayers, regardless of server, or playstyle preference, can find articles, opinions and advice on roleplay- and LOTRO-related topics; Community Forums to discuss roleplaying, LotRO, and whatever mathoms you'd like to share; RP Character Listings with In-Character Details; RP Kinship Listings; A multi-server RP Event Calendar; and A Community Ventrilo Server.

The Lord of the Rings Online Stratics
LOTRO Stratics is a free resource for all your LOTRO needs. Created and maintained with the community in mind, we provide quality content that is informative and useful for every LOTRO player. Stratics is also the host of the monthly House of Commons Developer Chats which allow the community to interact with and ask questions directly of Turbine.

LOTROSource at TenTonHammer
LotroSource@TenTonHammer was the first fansite dedicated to Turbine's The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. From its modest beginnings as an independent source of information, we cultivated dynamic forum participation, vibrant role-playing, and a community focused approach to delivering the latest information. If you are looking for accurate game information, a kinship, a mature friendly community of peers, or a combination of these ... you'll find it all at The 'Source

More than just another item database, the LOTROVault fansite is host to videos, articles, and media created by both the playerbase and a devoted staff. Our community focus includes our Kinship Watcher - an extensive program to promote, cover, and archive the accomplishemnts and activities of the LOTRO Community. Guild Spotlights, Monday Morning Kinship Crier and the latest player announcements are some of the many reasons to make us your first stop for LOTRO info.

The Lord of the Rings Online Warcry
The Lord of the Rings Online WarCry works to provide The Lord of the Rings Online community the best and most comprehensive information to increase your enjoyment of the game. Check in with us frequently for news, new guides, events, screenshots and contests for your favorite MMORPG. We work hard so you can play hard.

LOTRO at Wikia
LOTRO@Wikia is a free, community maintained resource for all things LOTRO. We have several hundred quest writeups, complete with detailed screenshots for quest objectives. We also have a comprehensive section devoted to crafting. Our site is based on MediaWiki software, which allows *anyone* to edit or create content. We think you'll be amazed at the depth, power, and freedom of the site.

MMODB's The Lord of the Rings Online Database
MMODB's The Lord of the Rings Online Database contains a' massive collection of information on Turbine's The Lord of the Rings Online. This includes databases for quests, items, bestiary, skills, objects, recipes, traits, titles, and accomplishments, with a Destiny Perks database set to go online tomorrow. We also feature interactive maps which plot important NPC, Monster and Object locations on our maps, which can be highlighted to provide information on that target, or clicked on to pull up the complete information.

Check out's LOTRO section for some of the most unique (and funny) LOTRO content on the web!

Weathertop Radio
Podcasting news, updates, and information on The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.


A place where multiple kinships can gather, discuss, and get information about LoTRO. Site includes a visual database of traits, titles, conjunctions, recipes, and items. Easy to use and get information on just about anything in the game.

A collection of Lord of the Rings Online video gaming stories, guides, videos, blogs, and tales of adventure from the gamers themselves. We host a variety of fan fiction contests and are a community of lotro gamers who enjoy sharing our tales.

Kismet, The Lord of the Rings Online Site
Kismet, Ring of Destiny, LOTR Site. Our site has been the home for our hundreds of members for 7+ years and now has be completely remade for LOTR Online. See the latest news, guides, insights, screenshots, plus tons more. Stop by, say hello, and see the latest happenings.

LOTRO at GuildCafe
GuildCafe helps players record their character histories and profiles, share content and meet other players with similar interests. It now includes support for LOTRO kinships, and the character profile system now supports all LOTRO races and classes.

The Lord of the Rings Files FileFront
The Lord of the Rings Files/lotrfiles covers news, reviews and features of The Lord of the Rings Online and have been following its progress for a long time and want to generate a large community for this game. We have very friendly staff and if you want to really get into LOTRO this is the place to be, we cover everything related to the game and even host guild sites! is a wiki for the crafters and non-crafters of Middle-earth. A place to share tips, guides and anything else crafting related. Find detailed information on many items and recipes.
Become a contributor and help build a better and more detailed resource.
Come check us out!

LOTRO Guilds
LOTRO Guilds has listings of Kinships by server. List yours or find one to join today! is a searchable tips database. You can add your own notes, tips and guides.

LOTRO Player
Dedicated to The Lord of the Rings Online: full forums and discussion boards for players and fellowships.

Lotropolis is an unofficial The Lord of the Rings Online Community, and is growing rapidly every day. Come visit the forums to chat about The Lord of the Rings Online Experience, share tips and hints, and just hang out in a great community with fellow elves, hobbits, and other friends from Middle-earth.

LOTRO Videos
Collection of LOTRO fan videos and video tutorials.

Middle-earth Center
Middle-Earth Center, or MEC, has been around The Lord of the Rings Community for quite a while. We cover everything LOTRO, from the Classes and Races to special characters that you will encounter in the upcoming MMORPG. If you love a friendly community, this is the place to go.

RingCast is a weekly podcast covering Turbine's MMO, The Lord of the Rings: Online and includes the latest updates and patch notes, class, race, strategy guides, and helpful hints, along with listener feedback. Listen to the show online or through iTunes.

The Green Dragon Inn
The Green Dragon Inn is a central resource for the Landroval Server. The site provides community forums, an event calendar, community and game news, player submitted stories and poems, and much more! It is our aim to help build a strong, constructive, and lasting gaming community on Landroval.

The LotrOnyx Files
LOTRO-related humor, entertainment, and sometimes even useful information and helpful advice...all presented in an entertaining fashion! When you can't play and/or are stuck at work, but can't stop thinking about LOTRO...enjoy the off-beat LOTRO humor you'll find here! Of special note: LOTROniac Signs and LOTROscopes!

Under the Banner
Under the Banner is an information blog built completely around LOTRO. We offer daily tips, articles, and much more for you, the player. Subscribe to our feed and join the fun.

Visions of the Ring
Visions of the Ring is a site dedicated to listing and illustrating community suggestions and concepts, for the improvement and increased enjoyment of The Lord of the Rings Online. The map section provides detailed overhead maps of various regions in Middle-earth. From housing to expansions, from new professions to class skills, from maps to mock-ups, Visions is a showcase for player ideas and helpful graphics.

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