Trish Stratus def. Women's Champion Mickie James (DQ)

Written: April 30, 2006

Mickie James is the Women’s Champion, but she’s also a psycho. When Mickie debuted back in October, it appeared as though she was just a big fan of Trish Stratus. But as the weeks and months passed by, her admiration clearly turned into an obsession, and before long Mickie was hell bent on overcoming her former idol.

Mickie got the job done at WrestleMania 22 when she defeated Stratus for the Women’s Championship. In recent weeks, Stratus tried to play some mind games of her own, getting into Mickie’s head by dressing up as her. This is the same tactic that Mickie had done to get Trish off her game in the past, and now it was working in reverse.

Trish came out for her match looking like her normal self, though, and Mickie looked perplexed and frustrated from the outset. Trish dominated the early-goings of the match, hitting a scissors kick and a Thesz Press to the outside, but things took a turn for the worse when Mickie dumped Stratus to the outside. later learned that Trish suffered a dislocated shoulder during the spill.

Mickie could tell Trish had hurt her arm, and she relentlessly attacked the injury. But Mickie let her emotions get the best of her. The Women’s Champion began to choke out Trish, and failed to break the illegal hold before the count of five. The referee had no choice but to disqualify her giving Trish the victory. At first glance it appeared as though Mickie had simply gone crazy again. But there was a method to her madness as the Championship cannot change hands on a disqualification. Therefore, Mickie James is still the Women’s Champion. Will Trish be able to persevere through her injury and continue her quest to regain the gold?

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