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Continued...   THE ARTHUR FAMILY

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President Arthur’s grandparents, Alan Arthur (Born 1761) and Eliza Arthur (Nee Meharg) lived in Cullybackey at Arthur Cottage. Their son, William (the Presidents Father) was born on the 5th December 1797 in the Cottage and emigratedwith other members of the family to North America between 1816 and 1820. There he met and married Malvina Stone and earned his living as a Baptist Minister.

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The Parsonage in Vermont (USA)
where Chester Alan Arthur
and his parents
took up residence from 1830.

The web address for
President Arthur's House in the USA is:


carth.jpg (6075 bytes)Chester Alan Arthur was born on 5th October 1830 at Fairfield, Vermont. After graduation he practised law and in 1854 was admitted to the New York bar. Over the years he played an active part in politics and in 1881, when James A. Garfield was elected President, Arthur, as his Republican running mate, became Vice-President.

On 20th September 1881 Chester Alan Arthur took the Presidential Oath to become the 21st President of the USA at the age of 51.

It is interesting to note that Mary, the Presidents sister, and his schoolboy son, Chester Alan Jnr., visited the old Arthur homestead in Cullybackey in 1882 and made contact with various members of the Arthur family who were living in the district.

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