Morrison Pavilion doubles study space at Gerstein Library
Fully wired and equipped with ergonomically-designed furniture

by Jamie Harrison

Jan. 9, 2003 -- Canada’s largest academic science and medicine library – the Gerstein Science Information Centre at the University of
Toronto – has doubled the size of study space for students thanks to U of T alumni Russell and Katherine Morrison. The 32,000-square-foot Morrison Pavilion that opened today adds 650 student study spaces in the library with study carrels and tables ergonomically designed, fully wired and configured to accommodate a variety of study needs.


“From the beginning, the Morrisons’ focus was on students and what would enable them to succeed in their studies,” says
Carole Moore, U of T’s chief librarian. “We are extraordinarily fortunate to have the support of such visionary benefactors
who have made this investment in students.”

Designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects Inc., the Morrison Pavilion comprises five floors of library carrels and study
space. On one side of the pavilion there is easy access to the print and electronic resources of Canada’s largest science library.
On the other three sides are vast windows overlooking a peaceful garden with views of the Ontario legislature and beyond.
Providing a contemporary facility to stimulate learning and discovery, the new pavilion greatly enhances the educational
experience for U of T students.

“We are delighted with the pavilion. It is a fine structure – practical, aesthetically pleasing and of lasting quality. Study spaces are ‘homes away from home,’ even for an hour between classes,” says Russell Morrison, a veteran in the investment field and 1947 graduate of U of T.

The Gerstein Library is a centre of established excellence and is the largest science library in Canada, with holdings that include close to 900,000 books and active subscriptions as well as more than 4,000 print and electronic journals. As U of T’s main science and medicine library, the facility supports the education and research of students in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, engineering and arts and sciences.

Jamie Harrison is a communications officer with the department of public affairs.


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