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Tee Lor Su (sometimes transliterated as "The Lor Sue", "Thee Lor Sue" or "Te-law-zue") is the highest waterfall in Thailand and one of the highest in Asia. It is located in Tak province in North-western Thailand close to the Burmese boarder. Umpang (sometimes "Um Pang" or "Um Phang") is the nearest town and point of departure for Tee Lor Su and the other attractions in the area.

This page has been put together by Dr. Frank Gregory and Napat Tantisayree. The aim is to provide basic information and a fairly extensive photographic record for potential visitors.


This index page links to four main sections:

The road to Umpang

This shows where it is and how do get there. The road from Mae Sot gives excellent views of the mountains dividing Thailand and Burma, it also passes the Pa Jalearn  waterfall.

Along the Mae Klong river

It is possible to travel close to Tee Lor Su on a rubber or bamboo raft. The route passes the Tee Lor Cho waterfall.

Tee Lor Su

The final stage is along an elephant trail through the forest.


Umpang Blog

The web page was put together in 2000 so much of the information may now be out of date. A blog page has been added in the hope that readers might update some of the information.


About the authors

Frank Gregory was formally an information systems professor. He has published four books and has had ten years experience as a journalist.

Napat Tantisayree was formally a script writer for Thai television. She became a prize winning photographer while still an undergraduate and has had pictures published in Kinaree the in-flight magazine of Thai Airways International.


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The photographs on these pages are available for sale to publishers and other interested parties.

The pictures by Frank Gregory were taken with an Olympus C-1400L digital camera. They are available as digital images only.

Those by Napat Tantisayree were taken with a Nikon 35 mm camera and are available as 35 mm slides, prints or digital images.

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