PEX 8547

PEX 8547/8547S Lead Free 

PEX 8547: 48 Lane, 3 Port PCI Express Switch, 37.5 x 37.5mm² PBGA
PEX 8547S: 48 Lane, 3 Port PCI Express Switch, 27 x 27mm² PBGA

The ExpressLane™ PEX 8547/8547S device offers 48 PCI Express lanes, capable of configuring up to 3 flexible ports. The switch conforms to the PCI Express Base Specification, rev 1.1. This device enables users to add scalable high bandwidth, non-blocking interconnects to high-end graphics applications. The PEX 8547 is designed to support graphics or data aggregation while supporting peer-to-peer traffic for high-resolution graphics applications. The architecture supports packet cut-thru with the industry's lowest latency of 110ns (x16 to x16). This, combined with large packet memory (1024 byte maximum payload size) and non-blocking internal switch architecture, provide full line-rate on all ports for performance-hungry graphics applications. The PEX 8547 is offered in a 37.5 x 37.5mm² 736-ball PBGA package and PEX 8547S is offered in a 27 x 27mm² 736-ball PBGA package. The devices are available in lead-free packaging.

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PEX 8547/8547S Technical Documentation

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Product Brief Download     Product Overview 1.5 08/07
Part Numbers Listing View HTML     Part Number, Listing and Compliance -- 09/06
Data Book     Download Detailed Technical Specifications 1.2 08/07
Design Notes     Download Quick Start Hardware Design Guide 1.1 07/07
    Download I2C Level Shifting and Voltage Management 1.0 08/07
Errata     Download Silicon Revisions and Errata List 1.1 10/07
Interoperability     Download Interoperability Report 1.0 02/07

PEX 8547 Development Tools

Document/Resources Everyone Access Requires Membership Requires NDA Description Version Date
Rapid Development Kit (RDK)     Download RDK Product Overview 1.1 09/07
    Download RDK Hardware Reference Manual 1.2 07/07
Software Development Kit (SDK)     View HTML Software Development Kit -- --
RDK EEPROM     Download EEPROM Images 1.0 02/07
BSDL     Download Boundary Scan Description Language files 1.0 10/06
IBIS Model     Download IBIS Model 1.0 10/06
HSPICE Model     Download PEX 8547 HSPICE Model 1.0 10/06
    Download PEX 8547S HSPICE Model 1.0 11/07
OrCAD     Download PEX 8547 RDK OrCAD Design files 1.0 07/07
GERBER     Download PEX 8547 RDK Gerber files 1.0 07/07

PEX 85478547S Applications

Application Description Document
Servers Blade Servers - Create PCIe Ports & End Points ExpressApps#44
Communications Router/Switch Create High Throughput & Performance ExpressApps#50
Communications & Embedded MicroTCA -- Create MCH Switch Fabric with PCI Express ExpressApps#47