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A&M Suspends Arrested Football Players Indefinitely Save Email Print
Posted: 9:56 PM Dec 5, 2007
Last Updated: 5:29 PM Dec 6, 2007
Reporter: Steve Fullhart/Chace Murphy
Email Address: news@kbtx.com

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Two Texas A&M football players have been suspended indefinitely after their arrests Wednesday night.

Offensive lineman Yemi Babalola and defensive end Brandon Joiner were arrested Wednesday afternoon, with Babalola accused of an aggravated robbery last Thursday.

Around 3:45 p.m. on November 29, College Station authorities were called to the Callaway Villas Apartments on Marion Pugh after a resident reported two men forcefully entered the residence, including striking the person who answered the door.

That resident and a friend were bound with tape and held at gunpoint while small items were taken.

Another resident of the apartment was able to escape through a third-floor window, according to authorities.

Acting on a search warrant Wednesday, authorities went to Babalola's home and found evidence, along with marijuana. He is charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana. Aggravated robbery is a first degree felony and is punishable by between 5 and 99 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000.

Babalola is a 21-year-old junior who starred on the Bryan High School offensive line. He is currently free on $52,000 bond.

Authorities say they gained enough evidence at Babalola's home to obtain a search warrant on Joiner's residence.

When they performed that second search, authorities say they found more evidence, along with marijuana, ecstacy and hydrocodone.

As of Thursday, Joiner has now been charged with aggravated robbery, anad does face one count of possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of a controlled substance. One of those drug charges is a felony.

Joiner is an 18-year-old freshman defensive end from Killeen who played at Shoemaker High School. He remains in Brazos County Jail on $16,000 bond.

“When Coach (Gary) Darnell called last night to inform me of the charges, he and I agreed that these young men need to be suspended from the football team. They will remain suspended until cleared of any wrongdoing," A&M athletics director Bill Byrne said in a prepared statement.

"From the information that we have at this time, it is obvious this is a very serious situation. The Texas A&M athletics department will cooperate completely with any investigation into this matter to gather all of the facts.”

The arrests are just the latest event in what has been a rollercoaster season for the Aggie football team.

Overall, the team finished 7-5 and earned a bid to the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio. Penn State will be Aggies' opponents on December 29.

The regular season ended with a second straight win over rivals Texas. However, right after the game, Head Coach Dennis Franchione resigned after five years at the helm.

Earlier in the season, Franchione was admonished by the university after he was found to have been sending out newsletters with inside information on the team. An aid connected to the VIP Connection letters is no longer employed by the athletics department.

Less than three days after Franchione stepped down, Houston Texans Assistant Head Coach Mike Sherman, a former offensive line coach at A&M, was named the team's head coach, though Defensive Coordinator Gary Darnell will coach the Aggies in the Alamo Bowl.

Sherman will finish out the NFL season with the Texans.

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Posted by: BOB Location: bryan
to stephen, how is this BULLCRAP? they got busted, they had evidence, what more do you want

Posted by: Heather Location: College Station
I have to agree with Stephen. The football team has had to deal with so much CRAP this year.The two players made a bad choice but,come on. Putting the football team at the level of UT is WRONG!!! I'm sure that the players still on the team are upset from this but,I also know that some of them have a good heart and will want to help these two guys turn they lives around. They can't just bail on them. The football team will get over this together because they are more then just a team. They are a family!

Posted by: andrew Location: Houston
It is not only OU and UT that have players who get in legal trouble- you have your same share, aggies and always have. Do not think you have a bunch of B12 saints.

Posted by: Anonymous i went to school with brandon and killeen is known as a thug city because alot of knuckleheads think there so hard when there not and brandon ended up getting caught up with the wrong crew and look what he got his self into now.

Posted by: John Location: East Texas
Call it like you see it..These players are the epitomy of low class and lack of moral and social character. Texas A&M will not tolerate and should never tolerate such behavior. Aggies pride themselves on setting a higher standard of moral character. We have more pride and dignity than to lower ourselves to the likes of these sorry excuses of bottom feeders...Calling these players Aggies would be the ultimate insult to the rest of our Aggie family...This is a pathetic display of an athlete and student at Texas A&M..They should never be allowed on A&M soil as long as they live...These players are representing our school on a national level....They should act as such..As Governor Coke stated, "Death is preferable to dishonor." These individuals are not what I want my future Aggie daughters and sons to encounter when they arrive on our campus to start their Aggie college life. We are not t-sips, sooners, tigers, or raiders...We have class...

Posted by: Chip Location: San Antonio
I grew up with the Babalola family and I must say that this came as quite a shock. Yemi's father is a minister and a college professor. This is not some kid who grew up on the streets. Anyone who thinks that this may be a product of poor upbringing or coming from a broken home is just wrong. This kid was brought up by two great parents who held high expectations of their children. I only hope this story isn't as bad as the indictment sounds. My condolences go to the Babalola family.

Posted by: none Location: C.S.
I personally know, and have smoked with Yemi and he is an ok guy. but even the best of us can be lead down the wrong path if we dont have something that keeps us humble. These two guys were superstars in a small city and notable on a national level and saw the future of life in the NFL and everything that comes with it and they, over time, began to think that they were untouchable and existed on a different level than all us normal ppl. And to tell you the truth this behavior is exactly why the Ags went 7-5. Coach Fran's biggest flaw was not being able to keep his entire team focused on what matterd. These are not the only guys out smoking pot and living life "in the fast lane" there are many others. A&M will never make it to a BCS game with players like this. You know why A.C. Law was so damn good? cause when all these other athletes were out partyin he was workin out or studyin, or callin it an early night so he could get up early the next day and get ready for whatever was next.

Posted by: american soldier from bryan Location: fort detrick, md
i graduated with yemi from bryan high and i mean he wasn't a saint but i never would have thought he would have done anything like this......... it disappoints me to know what bryan college station is starting to turn in to; i was born and raised there and after the army i wanted to come back and raise a family but after being home last month i'm starting to have second thoughts.

Posted by: AM Location: College Station
Lets call this what it is... a crime. I don't care if they are players or not, they should be held responsible for their actions. I at this point in time do not think their status as football players should have anything to do with their punishment, I also don't think it should have anything to do with their lack of punishment. As far as their position with A & M they should be ashamed for making the college and our hometown look bad. I do think (if found guilty) they should be completely expelled. Lastly, as a person who pays big dollars for season tickets for my husband, 2 children, and myself I know I will not pay to see another game if they play because these drug using, crime commiting, creeps will not be my childrens role model.

Posted by: Traci Location: C.S.
We never did rise very high above U.T.

Posted by: Sharon Location: Bryan/college Station
The Idiot of the Fydor Dostoevsky that kind? A bunch of dumb idiots? who is the idiot you are speaking of?

Posted by: Stephen McGee Location: College Station
This whole thing is simply BULLCRAP!!!

Posted by: bob Location: bryan
what a bunch of dumb idiots

Posted by: Bill Location: B~C.S.
Contact sports will cause physical pain. Drugs will help with symptoms that are difficult to live with off of the playing field.We need to take care of our players!!!!They make lotz of $ for this town.What do Players get in return for good health?

Posted by: anonymous Location: Bryan
I'm not suprised, I went to high school with Yemi. This kind of behavior was normal, he just never got into trouble because he was a football player and teachers and coaches would look the other way.

Posted by: Ron Location: Caldwell
Aggies never lie, cheat nor steal... nor tolerate those who do...... Der .... hello?!?! I want them off the damn team!

Posted by: Brighton Location: bryan
Not sure what Katrina is smoking. I sure they were not raised to bound people with tape and rob them at gun point. They made a bad choice to help support their drug habbit and finally they were caught before the seriously hurt someone.

Posted by: Mika Location: College Station
These two guys are more than old enough to know right from wrong. For every action there is a reaction. So because they made the choice to do what they did they now have to deal with what is going to happen. The way a person is raised doesn't always have to do with the wrong decisions they make. Parents can only teach their children right from wrong but when that child grows up, he or she makes the decision to do what is right or to do what is wrong. These guys decided to do something that is very wrong and they now have to deal with the outcome of their actions.

Posted by: Zsa Zsa Location: C.S.
You would be inspired how the U.T.parents are measuring up to C.S. parents! These C.S. boys are from fine homes!

Posted by: Suvannah Location: C.S.
These guys are not common thugs!

Posted by: Kevin Location: Dallas
Katrina! WAKE UP! They ARE thugs. Who cares how they were raised or what was going on in their lives? What they did was just plain wrong. NOTHING excuses this kind of conduct. If convicted I am hoping for swift, stern justice to include a lifetime ban from Texas A&M and a LENGTHY prison sentence.

Posted by: Henry Location: College Station
Before you throw rocks remember that your windows are made of glass too... IE Texas Longhorns and their problems. Let's quit worrying about what goes on in Austin and pay more attention to what goes on in College Station/Bryan. I think that some of us forget that we aren't perfect and neither is our football team/program... And it isn't the Police Departments fault that these jug heads are doping and robbing. Let's not displace blame....

Posted by: hillary Location: bryan
to katrina, honestly i dont think it has anything to do with the way they were raised. they are adults and know right from wrong. good or bad parents, they obviously had the grades and talent to be accepted to texas a & m. this school has very high standards. ANYONE who can force their way into someone else's apt, strike someone, tie them up and rob them at gunpoint is a bad person. and they knew that they were doing. they might not have thought about the end result of what they did but there is NO excuse for robbing someone at gunpoint. there are many that smoke weed and do Ecstasy, but they DON'T all rob people AT GUNPOINT!!!I know they havent been convicted of the charges yet, but there is the evidence that they did it and hopefully justice will be served. texas a & m has some wonderful players and can overcome this. I do feel for the families also, they didnt ask to be embarassed or hurt like this. all the blame is on Brandon and Yemi! let's move on and win the ALAMO BOWL! gig'em

Posted by: Katrina C. Location: College Station
I must say, this is horrible. These guys had a chance that I know MANY high school football players would cut off their right arm for. To actually play College Level football for the Ags, and they do something like this that makes not only themselves look bad, but will make others wonder about the rest of the Aggie Football Team's involvement in drugs and other illegal activity. These two men definitely deserve jail time and to be forced to repay for all missing items in the residence plus the medical bills and something for the trauma. Maybe if they haft'a pay physically & mentally, they'll think twice before doing something stupid again.

Posted by: Tim Location: cs
This is sad however there are a lot of things that go on in CS that are sad as well, just dont recieve the publicity. Let it have been a Soccer Player,Rugby player, or tennis player. They wouldnt be called thugs either.

Posted by: Steve Location: Ovilla
This is what you hear about with some of the football players at tu and OU but never at A&M. This just makes me sick.

Posted by: Nan Location: Bryan
These guys have not only let their families down, fellow team players down by doing this, they have let the entire A&M family down. How sad. I just don't understand how they can do such stupid things.

Posted by: mike Location: college station
Drug test for football players?

Posted by: Katrina Location: College Station
I know what these guys are charged of is wrong. But before you start bad mouthing them and calling them THUGS you should listen to both sides. You don't know how these two men were raised or what was going on in their lifes. I just think people should stop getting so emotional, they aren't the only ones who do Ecstasy or smoke weed.

Posted by: Derek Location: Bryan
Great, now we have dropped to t.u.'s level. Way to go thugs.

Posted by: None Location: College Station
This is indeed sad when there are so many other kids that would have actually valued the opportunity given to these 'common THUGS'. A&M should most definitly kick these thugs out of the school but that won't be a problem because they will be in jail for awhile....

Posted by: Stenson Location: Bryan
It is unfortunate that a college players as gifted and talented could make such a mistake. They certainly DID have bright futures. I hope that it is not to late to save these two young men.

Posted by: Daniel Location: Bryan
So so terrible... They have ruined their lives with this... What was once a promising pair of young men who would have played for once of the greatest football teams out there, and even more graduated with a degree have just flushed that future. WHY???

Posted by: Ken Location: CS
Both should be suspended and if found guilty should be removed from Texas A&M. What is under the rug with the CS police?

Posted by: Mike Location: Bryan
This is so sad if true. They had such a great opportunity with their scholorships. Their families have my prayers. I understand their pain. Why don't these kids think about the end result of their actions?

Posted by: Darren Location: College Station
I thought the only players that got into trouble went to UT. Guess I was wrong. We got lots of dirt under the rug don't we?

Posted by: Rufus Location: Youngblood
If this turns out to be true... so long guys. Hope the college career was fun.

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