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A remarkable life-form that, like the Wisties of Endor or the Fire-folk of Dantooine, defies most scientific classifications, Brownies are tiny humanoids that stand only 20 centimeters tall. Unlike most small life-forms, they are extremely long-lived, with life spans that stretch beyond centuries. They are small not only in size, but also number -- to date, no female specimens have ever been cataloged, though there is much about their species that remain unknown, including gender roles and reproductive systems.

Brownies inhabit the thickest forests of Andowyne, arranging themselves in small communities that they hyperbolically refer to as kingdoms. In fact, all Brownies seem to have an extremely inflated view of their place in the world. Franjean, one of the Brownies that accompanied Willow Ufgood in his quest to deliver Elora Danan to Tir Asleen, went so far as to proclaim himself the King of the World.

Though they may seem creatures of magic, Brownies have little to no affinity for the Force. They respect the supernatural, and revere the fey folk (fairies) that share the forests with them. It may be the only thing they truly respect, as they prostrate themselves before Cherlindrea of the forests and do her bidding on occasion.

Brownies possess a strong mischievous streak -- some attribute their pranks to boredom born of millennial lifespans -- so much so that the other species of Andowyne have grown to consider them pests at best, vermin at worst. Such characterizations are a disservice to a resourceful species that have overcome their physical shortcomings, and are often extremely loyal, as seen in Rool and Franjean, a pair of Brownies that have accompanied Willow during his decade-long quest to solve the mystery of the Cataclysm.

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