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The Cast

Glenn Beck
Host / Intriguing Individual

Executive Producer

Dan Andros

Chris Brady

Chris Balfe
GM / COO of Mercury Radio Arts

Sarah Zitzer
Producer: Glenn Beck Weekend / Phone Screener

Pat Gray
Contributing Editor

Jeff Fisher
Contributing /

George Hiltzik
Agent to the Stars

About the Glenn Beck Program
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Glenn Beck
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“I hope people feel goodness from my show and accept me
for who I am, flaws and all.” – Glenn Beck

Based in New York City, Glenn Beck is casting a tall shadow as the next phenomenon of talk radio. The former Top 40 DJ entered the talk format in 2001 and already his show is broadcast nearly 200 stations nationwide. Millions of listeners are drawn to this modern-day story teller who is armed with a quick wit, an informed opinion, and a unique ability to inspire others to experience their full potential with an open heart. His on-air presence is both commanding and inviting – a trait he has been refining for the last 27 years.

Glenn started in radio when he was only 13 years old by winning a local radio contest to be a DJ for an hour. Soon after that auspicious day, Glenn had three jobs – one at a Christian station, a Rock station, and a Country station – all of which his parents had to schlep him to in their home state of Washington. He was fired from all three jobs – on the same day when he was 14 years old!

After high school graduation, Glenn pursued his career as a Top 40 DJ at stations all over the country. Eventually, he landed an opportunity in Corpus Christi, Texas, as the youngest morning guy in the U.S. at 18 years old. His career was soaring and took him to Top 40 morning shows in Baltimore, Houston, Phoenix, Washington, and New Haven, Conn. He rode the wave of professional success into the 1990s when things began to change. Today, Glenn points out, “When you have that kind of success that early in life, it’s easy for you to turn into a monster. And I did! I was not a good guy.”

At the age of 30, Glenn lost his passion for radio – and everything else – as alcoholism and drug addiction took him over. Struggling to find some answers to his problem, Glenn pursued higher education. Though he was accepted by Yale as a Theology major, he lasted only one semester, faced with a divorce from his first wife and separation from his two daughters – the oldest with Cerebral Palsy. He was emotionally and financially decimated and relegated to one of the smallest radio markets. The shooting radio star had fallen to earth.

Finally, he turned to a program of recovery.

Coming to terms with his past and staying sober shifted his life direction. He found a new love (his second wife, Tania), religion (he was baptized Mormon in 2000), and a new vision of his career – he would pursue talk radio.

Soon after his baptism, Glenn received a call from an agent who was interested in representing him. Days later, he had an offer to host his own talk radio show on WFLA-AM in Tampa, Florida, forcing him to move away from his daughters in New Haven. He and Tania decided to live in Tampa for two years and then, whether Glenn succeeded or failed, they would move closer to his girls.

He inherited the 18th placed position at WFLA-AM and took it to the #1 position in his first year, giving the station its highest ratings ever. Within 18 months, Premiere Radio Networks, the leading radio syndication company in the country, offered Glenn the opportunity to go national. In January 2002, The Glenn Beck Program launched on 47 stations.

He also kept his promise to his daughters and moved the national show to Philadelphia. The Glenn Beck Program, which airs weekdays from 9 a.m. to noon ET, is now ranked as the 3rd most listened to talk show in America among Adults 25-54.





Stu, Executive Producer / Head Writer
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Additional information on Stu can be found here...

Steve aka Stu was born in Tarrytown, NY on February 9, 1976. He discovered his love of radio at an early age; and by age five he was syndicated in the kitchen and den.

He then became completely non-productive for several years, slacking his way through high school, and forgoing college.

Fortunately, Stu got back on track in 1997. He began working in radio promotions and finally began interning for The Glenn Beck Morning Show in 1998. It was here that the beautiful friendship was forged, and neither Glenn nor Stu would ever be the same.

Stu is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan...Later that year, Stu became the producer of both the morning show and Glenn's first ever talk show, a venture that the creative brain trust of Beck and Burguiere aptly dubbed "The Glenn Beck Show." That was pulled off the air after approximately nineteen glorious seconds.

As an executive producer, Stu was responsible for coming up with new and exciting venues for the host, including: "Cigar Talk: The Impeachment of Character" (all Clinton scandal all the time) and "The Journey" (all sobbing all the time). Sadly, Stu cannot take credit for Glenn's other successful show, "Glenn Beck, Your Home, and You" which featured Glenn explaining easy and beautiful home improvement projects for the do-it-yourself-er, involving only spare clothes hangers, padded toilet seats, rainbow glitter, and excess pet hair.

Stu worked with Glenn locally on WABC in New York, on WELI in New Haven (a current Glenn Beck Program affiliate), on the nationally syndicated show "The Weekend," (on lots of current Glenn Beck Program affiliates) and on WFLA in Tampa (the mother ship).

Somewhere in there, Stu needed a little (big) break from Glenn, and decided to take over hosting duties when Glenn left his morning show in Connecticut.

As to why Stu left his stint in Connecticut, details become sketchy. Some suggest that Glenn blackmailed Stu with "secret evidence" in order to bring him back to the world of talk radio; the more cynical believe that Stu simply sucked so much as a morning jock that he begged Glenn for his old job back. Still a third group argues that Stu is just waiting for the opportune time to "mistakenly" disconnect Glenn's brakes and secure his spot as host of the show.

But for now, Stu slaves away as the Executive Producer/Head Writer/Sidekick/Dry Cleaning Picker Upper of the Glenn Beck Program. He lives in the Philadelphia area, loves really crappy food, and is married (sorry fellas!!!)

You can reach Stu at or telepathically at mind number 1153315655487131-B.

Dan Andros, Producer
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Additional information on Dan can be found here...

Dan grew up in the rough suburban town of Clinton, Connecticut, a town just 2 hours away from New York City. Inspired by his families love for sports and other outdoor activities, Dan rarely focused on school and instead honed his skills in baseball, football, basketball, golf and motocross. He excelled particularly in basketball and golf, as he played both in high school and then went on to play basketball in college (although due to excessive partying in college he had a very lackluster career averaging a pathetic 6.7 points per game).

After narrowly graduating from college Dan concentrated on one of the only careers dumb jocks can excel in, broadcasting. But before getting his big break broadcasting, Dan worked in the communications department of the multi billion dollar conglomerate Fortune 500 company Taco Bell (drive thru) to make ends meet. But it wasn’t long before Dan got his break and worked in one of the most storied sports towns in American history, Richmond Virginia at Sports Radio WRNL 910. There he covered big sports franchises like The Richmond Braves (minor league affiliate of the Atlanta Braves), the Hershey Bears (minor league hockey) and the Media Softball league featuring all the local TV stations and their personalities. After a successful stint in Richmond, Dan moved on to 620 WDAE The Sports Animal in Tampa, FL and was an on air talent as he called each host everyday during their shows to be a “guest” for about :30 seconds to 1 minute per appearance. During his stay in Florida Dan got married to his stunning wife Tara Schott, now aptly named Tara Andros. They have no kids but do have a dog named Simba (yes, they are that pathetic couple you see treating their dog like its their kid). Simba is the main reason Dan ever gets up off the couch.

Dan has since moved to Philadelphia to become the latest member of the Glenn Beck Program. When asked what a guy with such a passion for sports and sports broadcasting would even find remotely fun about working for a host (Glenn) who is sobbing every other day, who is constantly dieting and worrying about his figure, who is into interior home design, a host who knows nothing about and who could care less about sports?? Dan responded by saying, “Nothing, really. But thanks for reminding me chief, I appreciate it, no really, I do. ”

Chris Brady, Webmaster
Owner of

Chris was born in Clearwater, FL and was raised in the Tampa Bay area. From an early age he was fascinated with computers, his first being an Atari 600. Later he would receive Coleco Adam and then finally a Commodore 64 during his high school years (although it was already the early 90s).

Chris started working with Glenn in December of 2000 in exchange for promoting his web design company, NuclearCow.Com. Chris launched his first website for Glenn in January of 2001 with major redesigns of in Jan 2002, Jan 2003, Jan 2004 and November 2005. Chris also launched the Insider website in August of 2002 with a major redesign in January 2005. From designing the website to doing daily updates and creating original content, Chris works with a great deal of freedom and has created what we believe to be the best website in our business.


2001  2002 2003 Jan 2004 - Nov 2005 Nov 2005-Current



OCT 2002  JAN 2005 Colmes Magic Eye - 2001 OKC Bombing - 2002 Perfect Storm - Nov 2006

Chris has created a host of additional websites related to the show including,, The Corky Report, The Jim Dingle Show, Nerf Hoffelmeyer For Mayor, and The Big Frog 109.


Original mockup for
Fusion Magazine - April 2005



Chris was also responsible for creating for creating the design and layout of Fusion Magazine as well as doing the design and layout for the first 17 issues of the magazine. Chris has seen moved on so he could spend more time on the Glenn Beck website and with his company, NuclearCow.Com.

While the rest of the show is located in the northeast, Chris works remotely from his home/office in Tampa Bay area. He has a degree in Computer Science and graduated in 1995. While attending school Chris worked at KFC, after graduation he put his degree to work and became a Kidney Dialysis Test and Calibration Technician. However he really wanted to work with computers and get involved with the then emerging internet. In 1996 he began working in an internet support call center where he spent his free time developing websites. He sold his first website to a company making pet doors that same year. Chris later worked for a company called RISCmanagement and while there he become a Certified Remedy Administrator, a Certified Check Point FireWall-1 Administrator and as well as a Certified Check Point FireWall-1 Engineer. He became the company's webmaster (a position that didn't yet exist) by creating and then presenting to upper management a 700+ page intranet and internal support site. Chris has created a host of personal and business websites, some of which have been featured or mentioned in Maxim Magazine, The Washington Post, Yahoo Internet Life Magazine and many more.

Chris Balfe, General Manager / COO of Mercury Radio Arts

Chris Balfe & Glenn met in the mid 1990’s during Glenn’s morning radio days. While it was clear that Chris already had a full-time job, this didn’t stop Glenn from working him 40 hours a week without pay on all kinds of crazy business and charity ideas. Somewhere in between Chris telling Glenn that his latest business idea “sucked really bad”, and Glenn responding by saying that was just because Chris “wasn’t smart enough to get it”, they became friends. They continued working together informally during Chris’s days with management consultancy Accenture, but finally, in the beginning of 2003, it was time to make the frightening jump to work with Glenn full-time.

As General Manager for Premiere Radio Networks, Chris is responsible for development, production, management, and operations of "The Glenn Beck Program," including the weekday & weekend radio programs and the subscription, merchandise, and event businesses.

As COO of Mercury Radio Arts, Chris is responsible for business development & operations for Mercury, which includes relationships with Simon & Schuster, Premiere Radio Networks, SFX, N.S. Bienstock, Broadcast Commerce, TR Miller, and many others.

In his free time, Chris does more work for Glenn.

Sarah Zitzer, Producer of Glenn Beck Weekend / Phone Screener

Sarah began her interest in radio at a young age. She enjoyed Top 40 like most young teens, but while her peers were lounging in front of the TV, she was near a blaring radio making up dance moves and singing along to some hearty lyrics.

This is why she began her career interning for a popular Top 40/CHR radio station in her hometown of Philadelphia. Even though she really enjoyed working for the deeply appreciative Promotions Department, she was drawn to the Programming side of things.

Sarah was a quick study to the workings of an audio board and was soon the sole trainer of the newbies. After a short time she began branching out to other demographics and found herself working for five stations.

Within a year of graduating from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Spanish she found talk radio. In particular it was the voice of Glenn Beck that stole her heart.

Thankfully, the Glenn Beck Program saw some sort of potential in her. (They may realize their mistake in the near future). As the youngest member of the Glenn Beck Program she knows she has huge shoes to fill and a group of elderly coworkers to work with who hold unusually high expectations.

With hard work and delicious baked goods Sarah hopes to make it through her first year.

She has to send a Thank You “shout out” to her family and friends for their incredible support and her coworkers for their “encouraging” words.

Pat Gray, Contributing Editor

In 1990, Glenn found himself in a desperate crunch: four days before his new program was to air in Baltimore, his writer/producer backed out. A good friend suggested Pat for the job, warning Glenn that "you'll love him on the air, but probably hate him as a person." Glenn did interview Pat and offered him the position -- but Pat turned it down. However, after careful consideration, and some "gentle encouragement" (a smack in the head) from his wife, he accepted. The duo was an immediate hit, and worked together for years until one of Glenn's many manic moments drove to Salt Lake City (where Pat's radio show is rated number one). The two remain best friends and contribute to each other's show on a regular basis. The secret is out: Pat is the talent behind such personalities as Bill Rogers, Richard Nibler, and Bob Yohansen.

Jeff Fisher, Contributor

Known for his role as referee for More-On Trivia, and as the former engineer for the program, Jeff Fisher, AKA "Jeffy", sabotages the show whenever possible.

George Hiltzik, Agent

George Hiltzik is an agent with N.S. Bienstock in New York City. He represents some of the biggest names in radio and television. He also represents Glenn Beck. Hiltzik’s famous sayings include “this is all very exciting”, “this is all good”, and “this is all very good.” Glenn Beck Program staff members spend approximately 35% of their day on hold waiting for George. While many people find it hard to believe, Hiltzik is actually a lawyer. Before joining Bienstock, Hiltzik was a Vice President with NBC. He has been called “The leading radio agent in the industry,” but we suspect that was said by a family member.

Paul E. Nunn, Contributing Artist

Paul started working with The Glenn Beck Program in 2004 by designing the Michael Moore is Fat t-shirt. He has designed many of the shirts you can currently buy at the studio store including The Big Frog 109.9 and Screw the Caribou!.

Then, Glenn started Fusion Magazine... allowing Paul to show off his true artistic potential. He has contributed art for every issue and designed a handful of covers, including the one for July/August 2006. Despite Glenn's constant request, he refuses to paint him in the nude... but everybody has a price!

Then, Glenn started the television show... and Paul was chosen to redesign the logo. Replacing the iconic lower 'g' logo was a daunting task. Glenn rejected about 30 designs and threatened to remove Paul's 'moneymaker' if he didn't come up with the perfect design. Suddenly, inspiration hit and Paul designed the current symbol you see today.

When not working for Glenn and the rest of the gang, Paul is a professional animator and illustrator of children's books. He lives in sunny Kenosha, Wisconsin with his wife Amy and their new daughter Grace. For more info, please visit his website.




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