NFL TV Schedule

The 2007 NFL season marks a highpoint for NFL coverage on television in the United Kingdom. In addition to an unprecedented 125 live games available each week through the season on digital and terrestrial television, there is additional support programming that will allow NFL fans to get even closer to the sport than ever before.

December 2007

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Sky Sports NFLUK TV / iTunes
five Gamepass BBC
Programme TitleProgramme TitleDateProgramme TitleTimeProgramme TitleChannel
NFL Weekly Review01/12/0701:30:00
America’s Game01/12/0710:00:00
NFL Weekly Review01/12/0712:00:00
NFL Total Access01/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access01/12/0718:30:00
NFL Playbook01/12/0719:30:00
NFL Playbook02/12/0704:00:00
NFL Total Access02/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access02/12/0716:00:00
Who Is?02/12/0717:30:00
NFL Match TBA02/12/0718:00:00
NFL Match TBA02/12/0721:30:00
NFL Match TBA03/12/0701:00:00
Sunday Night Football03/12/0701:15
Triple Header Highlights03/12/0712:00:00
Triple Header Highlights03/12/0719:00:00
Monday Night Football04/12/0701:00
New England @ Baltimore04/12/0701:30:00
NFL Total Access04/12/0713:00:00
New England @ Baltimore Highlights04/12/0715:30:00
NFL Total Access04/12/0717:00:00
New England @ Baltimore Highlights04/12/0718:00:00
NFL Total Access05/12/0700:00:00
NFL Total Access05/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access05/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access05/12/0723:00:00
NFL Total Access06/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access06/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access07/12/0700:00:00
Chicago @ Washington07/12/0701:00:00
NFL Total Access07/12/0713:00:00
Chicago @ Washington Highlights07/12/0714:00:00
NFL Total Access07/12/0717:00:00
NFL Weekly Review07/12/0720:00:00
Chicago @ Washington Highlights07/12/0720:30:00
NFL Total Access07/12/0723:30:00
NFL Weekly Review08/12/0701:30:00
NFL Weekly Review08/12/0701:30:00
America’s Game08/12/0709:00:00
NFL Weekly Review08/12/0711:30:00
NFL Total Access08/12/0713:30:00
NFL Total Access08/12/0717:00:00
NFL Playbook09/12/0700:00:00
NFL Playbook09/12/0704:00:00
Who Is?09/12/0712:30:00
NFL Total Access09/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access09/12/0716:00:00
Who Is?09/12/0717:30:00
NFL Match TBA09/12/0718:00:00
NFL Match TBA09/12/0721:30:00
NFL Match TBA10/12/0701:00:00
Sunday Night Football10/12/0701:15
NFL Match TBA Highlights10/12/0712:00:00
NFL Match TBA Highlights10/12/0719:00:00
Monday Night Football11/12/0701:20
New Orleans @ Atlanta11/12/0701:30:00
NFL Total Access11/12/0713:00:00
New Orleans @ Atlanta Highlights11/12/0714:00:00
NFL Total Access11/12/0716:30:00
New Orleans @ Atlanta Highlights11/12/0717:30:00
NFL Total Access12/12/0701:30:00
NFL Total Access12/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access12/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access12/12/0723:00:00
NFL Total Access13/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access13/12/0716:00:00
NFL Total Access13/12/0723:00:00
Denver @ Houston14/12/0701:00:00
NFL Total Access14/12/0713:00:00
Denver @ Houston Highlights14/12/0714:00:00
NFL Total Access14/12/0717:00:00
NFL Weekly Review14/12/0719:30:00
NFL Total Access15/12/0700:00:00
NFL Weekly Review15/12/0701:00:00
NFL Weekly Review15/12/0703:00:00
NFL Weekly Review15/12/0708:00:00
NFL Weekly Review15/12/0708:00:00
America’s Game15/12/0708:30:00
NFL Total Access15/12/0709:30:00
NFL Total Access15/12/0717:30:00
NFL Playbook16/12/0700:00:00
Cincinnati @ San Francisco 16/12/0701:00:00
NFL Total Access16/12/0709:00:00
Cincinnati @ San Francisco Highlights16/12/0710:00:00
NFL Match TBA16/12/0718:00:00
NFL Match TBA16/12/0721:00:00
NFL Match TBA17/12/0701:00:00
Sunday Night Football17/12/0701:15
NFL Match TBA Highlights17/12/0713:00:00
NFL Match TBA Highlights17/12/0719:00:00
Monday Night Football18/12/0701:20
Chicago @ Minnesota18/12/0701:30:00
NFL Total Access18/12/0713:00:00
Chicago @ Minnesota Highlights18/12/0715:00:00
NFL Total Access18/12/0717:00:00
Chicago @ Minnesota Highlights18/12/0718:00:00
NFL Total Access18/12/0723:00:00
NFL Total Access19/12/0705:00:00
NFL Total Access19/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access19/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access19/12/0723:00:00
NFL Total Access20/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access20/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access21/12/0700:00:00
Pittsburgh @ St. Louis21/12/0701:00:00
NFL Total Access21/12/0713:00:00
Pittsburgh @ St. Louis Highlights21/12/0715:00:00
NFL Total Access21/12/0716:30:00
NFL Weekly Review21/12/0720:00:00
Pittsburgh @ St. Louis Highlights21/12/0720:30:00
NFL Total Access22/12/0700:00:00
NFL Weekly Review22/12/0701:00:00
NFL Weekly Review22/12/0705:00:00
NFL Weekly Review22/12/0707:30:00
America’s Game22/12/0708:00:00
NFL Weekly Review 22/12/0712:30:00
NFL Total Access22/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access22/12/0718:00:00
NFL Playbook22/12/0723:00:00
Dallas @ Carolina23/12/0701:00:00
Dallas @ Carolina Highlights23/12/0711:00:00
NFL Total Access23/12/0713:00:00
Dallas @ Carolina Highlights23/12/0714:00:00
NFL Total Access23/12/0716:00:00
Who Is?23/12/0717:30:00
NFL Match TBA23/12/0718:00:00
NFL Match TBA23/12/0721:30:00
NFL Match TBA24/12/0701:00:00
Sunday Night Football24/12/0701:15
NFL Match TBA Highlights24/12/0712:00:00
NFL Match TBA Highlights24/12/0717:00:00
Denver @ San Diego25/12/0701:00:00
Monday Night Football25/12/0701:20
Denver @ San Diego Highlights25/12/0719:00:00
NFL Total Access26/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access26/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access26/12/0723:30:00
NFL Total Access27/12/0703:30:00
NFL Total Access27/12/0712:00:00
NFL Total Access27/12/0717:00:00
NFL Total Access27/12/0723:00:00
NFL Total Access28/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access28/12/0717:00:00
NFL Weekly Review28/12/0720:00:00
NFL Total Access28/12/0723:00:00
NFL Weekly Review29/12/0700:00:00
NFL Weekly Review29/12/0705:00:00
NFL Weekly Review29/12/0708:00:00
America’s Game29/12/0709:00:00
NFL Total Access29/12/0713:00:00
NFL Total Access29/12/0717:00:00
NFL Playbook30/12/0700:00:00
New England @ New York Giants30/12/0701:00:00
New England @ New York Giants Highlights30/12/0711:00:00
Who Is?30/12/0712:30:00
NFL Total Access30/12/0713:00:00
New England @ New York Giants Highlights30/12/0714:00:00
NFL Total Access30/12/0715:30:00
Who Is?30/12/0717:30:00
NFL Match TBA30/12/0718:00:00
NFL Match TBA30/12/0721:30:00
NFL Match TBA31/12/0701:00:00
NFL Playbook31/12/0704:30:00
NFL Playbook31/12/0706:00:00
NFL Playbook31/12/0710:00:00
NFL Match TBA Highlights31/12/0713:00:00
NFL Match TBA Highlights31/12/0719:00:00
Sky Sports

Sky Sports's coverage of the NFL has grown in 2007 to include the chance to watch a minimum of six live games each weekend. Every Sunday, Sky Sports 2 will show a live tripleheader including Sunday Night Football, with an alternative two games available behind the red button for Sky digital subscribers. Monday Night Football will also be shown live on Sky Sports 1.

Sky also have coverage of the NFL season kick-off game on Thursday 6th, a Thanksgiving Day tripleheader on Thursday November 22nd, and the Thursday and Saturday games that follow late in the season.

From early January, Sky will show all the live postseason action, with back-to-back games on the Saturday and Sunday of Wild Card and Divisional play-off weekend. Sunday January 20th sees live coverage of both the AFC and NFC Championship games, followed a fortnight later with Super Bowl XLII live from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on Sunday February 3rd. One week later fans will also be able to see Pro Bowl, live, from Hawaii.

Sky's coverage is anchored by Kevin Cadle, who is joined in the studio by NFL expert Nick Halling, who also writes for The pair will be joined through the season by a number of guests, including former NFL players and other authorities on the sport.

In addition to their coverage of live NFL fixtures, Sky will broadcast NFL Network programming for the first time in 2007.Six days each week Sky will show NFL Total Access the NFL Network’s flagship news program which keeps fans up-to-date with all the latest news from around the league. The Emmy award-nominated America's Game series focuses on all 41 Super Bowl Champions, and will be shown weekly throughout the season. Other NFL Network shows that viewers can anticipate watching once the 2007 regular season kicks off include Playbook – a weekly one-hour special looking at the X's and O's of the upcoming weekend's games, Top 10 – a weekly show in which NFL Network mines the NFL Films library for a fresh look on some of the best debates in football history, and Who Is? – a topical show focusing on a burning NFL-related question each week.


Channel Five's live coverage of the Sunday Night and Monday Night games kicks off at the start of the regular-season. Throughout the year Five will carry coverage of Monday Night Football, while they pick up Sunday Night Football from Week Nine (Sunday November 4th).

Monday September 10Baltimore @ Cincinnati
Monday September 10Arizona @ San Francisco
Monday September 17Tennessee @ New Orleans
Monday October 1New England @ Cincinnati
Monday October 8Dallas @ Buffalo
Monday October 15New York Giants @ Atlanta
Monday October 22Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
Monday October 29Green Bay @ Denver
Sunday November 4Dallas @ Philadelphia
Monday November 5Baltimore @ Pittsburgh
Sunday November 11Indianapolis @ San Diego
Monday November 12San Francisco @ Seattle
Sunday November 18Chicago @ Seattle *
Monday November 19Tennessee @ Denver
Sunday November 25Philadelphia @ New England *
Monday November 26Miami @ Pittsburgh
Sunday December 2Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh *
Monday December 3New England @ Baltimore
Sunday December 9Indianapolis @ Baltimore *
Monday December 10New Orleans @ Atlanta
Sunday December 16Washington @ New York Giants *
Monday December 17Chicago @ Minnesota
Sunday December 23Tampa Bay @ San Francisco *
Monday December 24Denver @ San Diego
Sunday December 30Kansas City @ New York Jets *

* = games subject to change per flex scheduling. Games in Weeks 11-16 can be switched 12 days in advance.

Channel Five's coverage is hosted by Nat Coombs, with contributor and NFL expert Mike Carlson joining him in the studio. Gamepass

NFL fans with high-speed internet access can sign up to use Yahoo's NFL Game Pass service, which allows you to follow your team through the season. Each week all the games – except for those that are being shown live on Sky Sports at 6pm and 9pm - will be available to watch on your PC over the internet. Subscribers also get access to a variety of NFL Network programming. The cost of a full season of NFL Game Pass is $279.99. If you sign up prior to August 31, 2007, you can get an early-bird deal for $239.99. You can also sign up just to follow your team, getting one game per week for $199.99. Individual weekends of action can be purchased for $24.99. All games are archived for 48 hours.

To sign up for Yahoo NFL Game Pass, click here. For details of technical requirements for your PC to watch games over the internet on Yahoo NFL Game Pass, click here. Gamepass

Another opportunity to watch games over the internet comes through a new hook-up between the NFL and iTunes. For just $1.99 per highlight or $24.99 per season you can download 20 minute highlights for your team's games each week through the season to view on your PC or iPod. For the same price you will also be able to download episodes of NFL Network shows, including NFL GameDay and NFL Total Access. Go to iTunes for information on this service.


nflukTV can be found on the front page of this website, and provides fans in the UK with a daily piece of unseen NFL or American football related content.

Among the features that you will see on nflukTV during the 2007 NFL season will be a weekly preview show that looks ahead to the biggest matchups and reviews all the latest news, and will feature host Neil Reynolds alongside the likes of Nick Halling, Mike Carlson, Keith Webster and other NFL experts. Every Tuesday you can delve behind the scenes of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, while on Wednesday and Thursday nflukTV takes a look behind the scenes of the sport in the UK.

Monday – Highlights / NFL Total Access pointer
Tuesday – Behind the scenes at the Hall of Fame
Wednesday – BAFL
Thursday – Behind the Scenes – football in the UK
Friday – nflukTV weekend preview


The BBC will be joining Five as a terrestrial partner of the NFL in the UK for the first time. The BBC’s NFL coverage will start with highlights of the historic game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants at Wembley Stadium on October 28th on BBC 2, and will also include live coverage of Super Bowl XLII from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday February 4th.