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Film and TV

Liverpool has established a good reputation with the film and television industry.

Liverpool is the most filmed UK city outside London, with its stunning architecture allowing it to double for other world cities. It is particularly favoured by producers who wish to recreate scenes for historical dramas.

Liverpool City Council set up the UK's first Film Office in 1989, which has helped to bring many film and television productions to the city.

The city now has its own film production base. Liverpool Film Studios has been launched by TV and film producer Colin McKeown, and offers film-makers studio facilities, as well as office space.

Films that have been filmed in Liverpool include "The Hunt For Red October", "The 51st State", "The Parole Officer" and "Letter to Brezhnev".

Liverpool-based Mersey Television is the largest independent television production company in the country, producing "Hollyoaks" for Channel Four, as well as "Grange Hill" for BBC1.

Other television programmes made in the city include "Nice Guy Eddie", "Liverpool One" and "The Forsyte Saga".

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