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Old North Church Welcome to my Boston Slang Dictionary. Being a native Bostonian, I always found the slang used in Boston to not only be humorous, but very colorful as well. Since moving to Atlanta, I miss all the quirky term-ology that is unique to the Boston area. With the help of my husband, relatives, and online visitors.... I was able to put together this dictionary.

This page is always a work in progress. We will be constantly adding new words, phrases and pronunciations unique to the Boston area. If you have a word or phrase you would like to submit, please with your suggestions.

101 Ways You Know you're a Proud Bostonian

What's New

Added 1/9/07
"DOT" (Dorchester) - submitted by King
"Kegga" (A Keg Party) - submitted by King

WICKED PISSAH! - the Boston Accent Fanlisting

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