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News updated December 18 2004, 13:16.

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Chat? Join us in irc.chatbear.com in the channel #q3rally
We have answers. Our FAQ was updated on Sunday 17th March.
Downloads? New users download the main release here. Looking for the v1.2 update?

December 18 2004

No Longer Supported
Bagpuss - 13:16
Folks, as should be clear by now, none of this stuff is supported anymore. Please don't email asking where you can get files for either Quake Rally 1 or 2, I don't know. If the link on the downloads page doesn't work then that's it, it's gone for good.

August 14 2004

MD3 Tutorials
Stone Lance - 11:13
Many people over the years had had questions about how to export characters using the MD3 plugin. This was a small feature that I implemented but we never really used in Q3Rally development so even I dont have much experience with it.

Thankfully the folks over at http://www.workspace-unlimited.org have created a very detailed tutorial on character creation in Maya for use with exporting to MD3. You can grab the tutorial from their downloads section, or from this direct link. Virtual World of Art MD3 Character Tutorial

Here is an old tutorial which is less detaild and shorter but it has helped many people that I have refered to it. Creating Quake III Player Models In Maya by Ben Lambert.

July 12 2004

Q3Rally Source Code Released
Stone Lance - 22:40
Many people have been asking for this, so here it is. I have put the source code to the mod in the downloads section. I havent compile the code in a long time so im not sure what the state of the code is. Instructions on how to compile the code are included with the source code. If you wish to compile the qvm versions you will also need to get the q3a mod source kit with the q3asm tools.

May 19 2004

Maya Plugin Updates and Source Release
Stone Lance - 14:24
I have recompiled the map and md3 exporters to be compatible with Maya 5.0. I have also released the source code to the map exporter. Check the file section for these files.

Now that the source code for both plugins have been released I will no longer be support future versions of Maya. Please don't bother emailing me asking for plugins compatible with new versions of Maya. The source code is available and you can fairly easily compile the plugin for new versions of Maya yourself.

For those of you who are interested in what stecki and I have been up to since Q3Rally check out our websites:

January 04 2003

Maya 4.5 Plugin Problems Fixed
Stone Lance - 11:01
There was some problems with the plugins I compiled for Maya 4.5. I have uploaded new ones which should work properly. If you have been having troubles please try to download the plugin again before sending me an email.

December 23 2002

MD3 and MAP exporter for Maya 4.5 released
Stone Lance - 11:28
Ive uploaded some versions of the MD3 and MAP exporters that I have compiled for Maya 4.5. These are completely untested, so no guarantees that they will work. If you have any problems send me an email and I will try to fix the problem if I have time.

July 08 2002

Maya MD3 Export Source
Stone Lance - 21:35
Ok, this has been on the ftp for about a month now but i have been too lazy to post about it. I have released the source code for the Maya MD3 exporter. You can grab it from the downloads page. You will need the Maya devkit inorder to compile the plugin.

I was originally planning on also releasing the Maya exporter base code I have as well as the MAP exporter source at the same time as the MD3 exporter source. I have been adding many features to the base code lately for another project so I have decided to wait with that release until I have finished all the additions to the code.

June 09 2002

1.2 Released
Stone Lance - 10:13
Ok, well its here finally. This update features a few bugs fixes as well as some simple racing bot support and speed improvements. Right now bots will only work properly on the Roll On Down the Line map. The other maps havent been setup to support the bots yet. Go grab it from the downloads page.


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