Angel: After the Fall Rises to the Top for IDW

The debut issue of the Joss Whedon-led series sells out its first printing, third printing on the way

San Diego, CA (November 28, 2007)�When IDW Publishing announced that they would be publishing the official continuation of the Angel television series, the news was met with fevered anticipation by the faithful fans of the TV show and the previous comic books. And the first issue of this series, Angel: After the Fall #1, has delivered on that premise, instantly becoming IDW�s highest-charting comic book release ever.

The first issue, presided over by Angel co-creator Joss Whedon, scripted by Brian Lynch and illustrated by Franco Urru, sold out of its initial printing before the comic ever hit stores, and its second printing (Diamond item code SEP07 8061), which features an iconic photo image of Angel, is nearly sold out as well. A third printing of the issue is on its way, too.

Critical and fan response to the debut issue matched the initial pre-orders for the book, with an overwhelming array of positive reviews.

While stated that �The Whedon-sanctioned return of Angel will be enough to bring them in, but there is more than enough going on here to bring them back,� also pointed out that �it�s also written tightly enough that a newbie could jump in� though there�s of course a tremendous advantage associated with being familiar with the material.�

The issue also received coverage on, in New York Magazine, and at comics review site, where reviewer Randy Lander asks �The question then becomes, �Does Angel: After the Fall live up to the standards of five seasons of Angel? The answer, I�m happy to report, is yes.�.

The epic series itself, as plotted by Whedon and Lynch, will detail what happened �after the Fall,� as Angel and company must deal with being trapped in a Hellish Los Angeles; along the way, there will also be spin-offs like the April-bound �First Night� storyline detailing exactly what happened at the exact end of the TV series and how it affected many of the show�s popular characters, even some not seen on-camera in that final episode.

Angel: After the Fall #2 (item code OCT07 3581) will be in stores on December 19, 2007.


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Angel: After the Fall Cover Preview

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