Corpse's Skins - Info In this skin pack there are 3 skins:
Sithjuro - Darth Maul skin.
Corpse - A skin of himself.
Evil - Looks somewhat like a sadistic mime.
Kurita Skin * No description available *
The Misfits Yep, you heard it right. The music group The Misfits, now immortalized into Shogo skins!
The Misfits 2 - Info A newer, better version of the original Misfits skin. Also included in the rez is WraithLaunch 1.0, the new Shogo launcher made by Wraith, available in the MODs section.
Ninja Skin A Ninja skin.
Skisuit Skin A skin modified to resemble a skisuit.
Smoth Plugin 1 - Info Contains all new sniper/camo skins for the Akuma, Ordog, Enforcer, Predator, and Sanjuro.
Smoth's Prefabs - Info Smoth's very own original prefabs (models for dedit), now available for your use. Lots of cool useful items are in here, so if you're into designing levels this could come in real handy.
Spudnewt's Skins - Info -New!- Includes 2 skins:
Gothjuro - Has a gib skin, and changes color with a color that you pick.
AfroSanjuro - It's and African-American skin, the main colors are black, grey and yellow.
Wraith's Model Pack 1 - Info For MCA play only, changes the following:
AKUMA --> Kura
PREDATOR --> Shocktrooper
ORDOG --> Ryo
Wraith's Model Pack 2 - Info Once again for MCA only. Same models as Modelpack One, with all new models, changing the following:
AKUMA --> Warpaint Kura
PREDATOR --> Bannanatrooper
ORDOG --> Ninja Ryo
Wraith's Skin Pack 1 - Info Contains new skins for the Akuma, Ordog, Enforcer, Predator, and Sanjuro.

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