Since you asked, let me tell you more about myself ...

   My first match was October, 1990 in Odenton Maryland against the Lords of Darkness.  My partner was Colt Starr.  Back then we went by the name of "The Texas Longhorns".   I seemed to have traveled a great distance since then!

     I have worked many independents throughout the United States in the last 10 years.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be involved with some of the top promotions today including Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Wrestling Federation (WWF), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) & Big Japan.

     I would like to give credit to these wrestlers for taking the time to teach me about the business.  First and foremost, a legend, Terry Funk.  I would also like to thank Sabu, Too Cold Scorpio, Shane Douglas, Kevin Sullivan & Cactus Jack.  If I missed anyone I appologize for I appreciate all the help I have received over the years.

     Now on to Extreme Championship Wrestling.  I would thank Todd Gordon and the Mastermind of ECW Paul Heyman for giving me the opportunity to work with great talent including the names above and to be seen throughout the country as well as International.  When I was working for ECW I was in the locker room where everyone complimented and criticized each other so that their performance could be 100%.  I once remember Cactus Jack who hardly ever gets upset told a photographer to leave the locker room due to the fact that he said that it would take Cactus Jack to save the show.  Cactus spoke out loud and out of character said that everyone in this locker room worked hard and if you want to come back into this locker room, you will have to go up to each individual and apologize.  If I didn't have respect for Cactus Jack already, I did that night.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wrestle Cactus Jack on two occasions and on both of them I received a good beating but learned a lot.

     Now residing in Florida I have been welcomed with open arms to work the independent scene here.  Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) was the first independent group I worked for when I made the move to Florida.  Under the promotion of Bill Brown & Bernie Siegel who pushed me as their top star from the get go.  FCW through the years since I've been working with them, have been running on a steady basis and now in the year 2000 are about to go into new heights.

Florida Wrestling Alliance (FWA) promoter Cliff Anderson is another promoter who I respect and always treated me with respect.  He has given me some of my toughest opponents in the state including The Blackhart, The Black Natureboy Scoot Andrews & The Exterminators.

Now on to South Eastern Championship Wrestling (SECW) promoter Cousin Junior.  He knows good talent when he sees it, that's why he's billing me as one of his top stars, even though I wanted to eat his pig.  Since being there I've developed a feud with Classy Chris Nelson.  The feud is still ongoing but I will end with Hack Meyers on top.

And last but not least, IPW Hardcore Wrestling with promoter Ron Neimi, where in my opinion you have the option to see some of the most talented light heavyweights along with the most sick, hardcore individuals and guys that can drink beer like water, but all come to do their job and do it well.

I want to thank All the promotions I listed above and the ones I may have missed for letting a man from The Last House On The Left make an impact in your companies.



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