History made at Hammerstein

By Ed Williams III
Written: June 11, 2006

John Cena has overcome the odds time and time again. He has endured Steel Cage Matches, I Quit Mathes and even the Elimination Chamber. But it was just too much Sunday night at ECW One Night Stand for The Champ to overcome. Cena was able to adapt to the most rabid and hostile crowd he has ever seen, but he could not overcome Edge spearing him through a table, the Five Star Frog Splash and an impromptu three-count by Paul Heyman in this Extreme Rules Match. And when the bell rang, Rob Van Dam made history and was declared the Champion. But what Championship did he win - was it the ECW or WWE Championship?

The capacity crowd at the Hammerstein Ballroom was one of the loudest and relentless crowds ever heard, but their reactions all night paled in comparison to when RVD was announced as the new champion. After RVD was handed the gold, the place erupted and it sounded as if it was Mardi Gras, Spring Break and New Year’s Eve all at the same time. The fans were high-fiving each other, RVD climbed up to the balcony and celebrated with his wife, and then joined his ECW brothers who had filled the ring. RVD hoisted on the shoulders of his hardcore compatriots was the final scene at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, but it was an insanely wide ride that led to that moment.

From the moment Cena entered the ring, he was bombarded with loud and insulting chants that are not even fit to print. When throwing his shirt and hat into the crowd, they were thrown back time and time again. Cena knew he would be traveling into hostile territory, but he was still visibly upset at the reaction. But as time wore on, Cena got used to the crowd, and at times even seemed to enjoy it. He taunted the extremely loyal fans with his Five Knuckle Shuffle, and was even brave enough to follow RVD into the crowd for an attack. It seemed like everyone in attendance was Cena’s enemy, but he didn’t count on Edge being one of them. With RVD on the outside, a mysterious man in a motorcycle helmet speared Cena through a table which was propped up in a corner. He slowly took off his helmet to reveal his identity and was mat in unison with a thunderous cheer of, “Thank you, Edge,” by the ECW fans. Edge also knocked out referee Nick Patrick before exiting. With that RVD came in and saw the fallen Cena before promptly climbing the ropes for his patented Five Star Frog Splash. After hitting the maneuver he tried to revive Patrick, but to no avail. Paul Heyman then rushed to the ring, RVD made the cover, and the head of ECW made the three-count and history was made.

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