The eyes

Coordinator: M.D. Jorge Escalante

acercamiento de ojo


Recent studies, as of 1948, show that the reflects of Sansom-Purkinje can be seen in the eyes of the original image. Such reflects can be appreciated in the eyes of normal people. This phenomenon consists of finding images, slightly deformed, of objects, in the corneas of the people who are looking at such objects. These reflects are produced by the light reflected by the cornea itself, the crystalline and the ocular eye balls.A photograph of the Virgin was initially studied. In her eyes, the face of a man can be identified and it has also been visualized through ophthalmoscopes.

In the last 15 years, some other images have also been found in photographs of the Virgin's eyes. Such photographs have been amplified by computers, by Dr. Aste Tonsmann, a very well known specialist. In the same way, in 1991, analysis made by outstanding ophthalmologists, identified micro artery circulation in the free edge of the image's eyelids.