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We are Primary Healthcare Doctors who treat patients with all conditions using natural therapies to support the body, mind and spirit. We diagnose with both conventional medical methods via in-house lab testing, and use the well established Naturopathic medical model (including Traditional Chinese Medicine , Herbal, Manipulation-skeletal, Bodywork-muscles, tissues and organs, Clinical Nutrition , Lifestyle Counseling and Homeopathy) as well as additional testing techniques such as Electrodermal Screening , Carroll Food testing , Darkfield Microscopy , Biological Terrain Assessment , Bioimpedence testing , Immune system testing , and Electrocardiogram to assess the functional, structural and emotional imbalances of the patient.

Our Clinic is an Eco-Building!
The clinic is the first Naturopathic clinic in Canada to be designed by an architect and to be built from the ground up to be a Naturopathic clinic that is energy efficient, non-toxic and follows
  feng shui principles. The building was completed in 2006 using building materials that have no off-gassing chemicals. Electromagnetic radiation has been minimized using appropriate materials and technology without compromising on the speed and strength required to run a busy clinic.
  Take a tour and find out more about our eco-building!!
  Our Mission Statement

We strive to deliver excellent health care via the most effective therapies of Naturopathic Medicine . We concentrate on health education, disease prevention and the facilitation of healing at all stages of health or disease. Our clinic is multidisciplinary in scope and relies on both conventional and advanced testing in objectively evaluating the status and progress of your health. In this light, we are dedicated to our own continuing education as we work to keep abreast current research.


Naturopathic Doctors spend 3 years minimum at a University for the premedical sciences followed by 4 years at an Accredited Naturopathic Medical College . The 4 years include basic medical sciences combined with Naturopathic Medical training. This includes training in Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupunture , Clinical Nutrition , Botanical Medicine , Manipulation of the spine, Bodywork, and Stress and Lifestyle counseling, along with Clinical training in the out-patient clinic at the school. At the end of the schooling there are rigorous North American and Provincial exams that must be passed to be given a license to practice Naturopathic Medicine. The profession is regulated in the province of Ontario . Each Naturopathic Doctor has a License number.

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