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PlayStation 2ActionELSPA Rated 11+Out Now

Get ready to give your fire button a bashing in this classic Japanese shoot-em-up with over 14 levels of action. A brand-new title previously unreleased in the UK.
  • Ground breaking BUZZ system: Power up your craft by absorbing the energy of enemy bullets.

  • Two games in one; Psyvariar Medium Unit (The original arcade classic) and Psyvariar Revision (Remake of the original with upgraded BUZZ system, all-new short bombs and replay mode).

  • 50/60 Hz mode option.

  • Flexible screen setup; Play the game your way!

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1 or 2 Player
Memory Card(8MB) (for PlayStation®2):766KB minimum
Analog Control Compatable:all buttons
Vibration Function Compatable
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