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Chad is located in central Africa and is landlocked by Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. The capital is N’Djaména. In 2004, the population was estimated to be 9.5 million with a three percent growth rate. French and Arabic are both official languages, and Sara is also largely spoken in the south of the country, but there are also 120 different languages and dialects.

Almost five percent of Chad’s population is infected with the HIV/AIDS virus and there were 18 thousand deaths from the disease in 2003. Many street children’s organisations in Chad deal with education and prevention of the disease, but Chadian street children also face increased risks to substance abuse and involvement in Chad’s ongoing civil war.

Chad’s economy is currently almost entirely dependent on agriculture. However, this year a oil pipeline has been built which should help Chad overcome its own high energy costs and its landlocked position. For the moment, however, Chad still heavily relies on foreign aid. Two US companies invested £2 billion to develop the oil reserves, along with receiving £132 million in foreign aid. The pipeline has helped to create a fifteen percent growth in GDP, however, Chad still has an external debt of £600 million and 80 percent of people are living below the poverty line.