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Updated August 10, 2006
- New articles from
The Pearson Current

Details in the Quarterdeck Log

New feature
Pearsons In The News
As one of the truly venerable production sail boats out there, articles about the Pearson Yacht Corporation and specific Pearson yachts are frequently written.  As a service to our membership I thought it helpful to let NPYOA members know about these articles so that they might refer to them as needed.  I try to keep up with most of the major publications but would like to make a request to any and all NPYOA members to let me know if I miss a sighting of an article or mention of anything Pearson. 

Please recognize that some publishers do not keep all their articles on line forever so any particular Pearson article I list might not actually be on line at the time you go to read it.  Contact the publisher directly email often works, and you should be able to get a copy for yourself.

We have provided a direct linkage to the main web site of each of the publications included below.  Please consult these linkages if you want to read the full text.  Some publications make their archive available while others require either subscriptions or special requests.  As each article is copyrighted by the original publisher, we can not offer direct access to them.  We will continually update this resource for our membership as new Pearson articles and citations are identified.

.Wishing you smooth and safe sailing
Bill Lawrence

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Just in time for the holidays:
the Burgee thumbnailNational Pearson Yacht Owners Association Burgee.
Check it out!

Mast Step Re-fit

By Dan Pfeiffer and Graham BryanRotted mastThe OEM mast step on the 10M is made of steel. It sits in the bottom of the bilge and is in direct contact with the aluminum mast. Add a little salt water to the bilge and you have a perfect environment for galvanic corrosion where the less noble metal (the aluminum mast) will start giving up material. There are several ways to address this corrosion problem. This article will discuss three of them. Continue reading...

Send us your photos!  We're eager to promote our Gallery of proud Members' vessels. The same photos will be then added to our ever-expanding Marina. To contribute, simply email us with the items you want to share attached and we'll let you know when it's been added. Be sure to include your name, vessel's name, hull number and location.

Featured article:
Tuning the Rig
by Bill Shaw
The following generally applies to cruising boats where once the rig is set to maintain a straight mast, no further adjustment is necessary...

Did you know just how tremendous the kinetic energy of a wave is?

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The World According
to Bill Shaw

Bill Shaw knows more about Pearson yachts than any man alive because he's the guy who built them. Over the years, he's provided answers to the questions of NPYOA members regarding their boats that are often applicable to all Pearson vessels. Find the answer to your question in our new, searchable knowledge base. 

Member notes:
NPYOA members advice to fellow-sailors. (12/30/03)
Water tank overflows: "On my 36 ft Pearson we have been filling the water tanks by removing the cushions and watching the level through the clean out ports..."




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