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Saturday, 08 December 2007

Area 2 Detectives Salute 3rd District Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 3rd District Police Officers:

P.O. G. Wood, P.O. Y. Irby, P.O. R. Carroll, P.O. R. Mostowski, P.O. P. Hernandez, P.O. W. Shepler, P.O. M. Slattery, P.O. L. McLemore, P.O. D. Patterson

On 7 Oct. 07, a victim was shot in front of a nightclub. The officers immediately responded to the scene, protected evidence, and obtained a description of the offender. The officers then located the offender and recovered the handgun used in the shooting. The offender was recently released from prison after serving a 20 year sentence for Murder. Due to the quick and diligent efforts of these officers, this dangerous criminal has been charged with Attempt Murder.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!


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