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Monday, 03 December 2007

Area 4 Salute of 11th District Officers

SALUTE The Area Four Special Victims Unit salutes 11th District Police Officers:

P.O. D. Gesicki, P.O. J. Gannon, P.O. I. Pema, P.O. A. Rosito, P.O. T. Howard, P.O. J. Gonzalez, P.O. S. Ruggiero, P.O. M. Gallagher

On 1 Nov. 07, an arrestee charged on a minor offense was processed by an Area Four SVU Detective and released to his mother. The fingerprint check later revealed that the arrestee had lied about his true identity and was wanted on a juvenile narcotics warrant. With this new information, the Detective relocated to the subjects stated residence and called for backup. The subject was observed walking toward the residence and, after spotting the Detectives vehicle, began to flee on foot. The Detective called for additional units to assist in the foot pursuit. The above listed officers responded. The wanted subject was observed fleeing into his residence. The pursuing officers entered the residence in hot pursuit and began a systematic search. The subject was eventually found hiding in an attic crawl space and taken into custody. Thanks to the quick response of the officers, the subject was unable to defeat his arrest. Thanks for a job well done.

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