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Sunday, 02 December 2007


The University of Illinois at Chicago basketball team will be playing the University of Detroit at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, 19 Jan. 08 at 1500 hours. This game has been set aside to honor the members of the Police and Fire Departments. Family and friends are welcome to attend the game at a discounted rate. Contact the Special Activities Section 5-5844 or Pax 0207 for ticket information.


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation web site has a new look; the new features include a search tool that will provide individuals with the exact location of purchased bricks in the Gold Star Family Memorial and Park. Please visit www.cpdmemorial.org to see the changes.


On Saturday, 8 Dec. 07 at 0900 hours a public auction of abandoned & unclaimed vehicles recovered by the Chicago Police Department will be held at the Police Pound #1 650 W. 83rd. Street. This includes approximately 150 vehicles & confiscated vehicles which the general public may purchase. All sales final, cash only and vehicles are to be sold As Is. No Department members may bid on the vehicles.

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