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Saturday, 08 December 2007

Area 2 Detectives Salute 3rd District Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 3rd District Police Officers:

P.O. G. Wood, P.O. Y. Irby, P.O. R. Carroll, P.O. R. Mostowski, P.O. P. Hernandez, P.O. W. Shepler, P.O. M. Slattery, P.O. L. McLemore, P.O. D. Patterson

On 7 Oct. 07, a victim was shot in front of a nightclub. The officers immediately responded to the scene, protected evidence, and obtained a description of the offender. The officers then located the offender and recovered the handgun used in the shooting. The offender was recently released from prison after serving a 20 year sentence for Murder. Due to the quick and diligent efforts of these officers, this dangerous criminal has been charged with Attempt Murder.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!


                   Edward J. Carney------------------------1893

                    Michael Lynch----------------------------1928

Friday, 07 December 2007

Area #3 Detectives Salute 10th District Officer

Area 3 Detective Division Salutes 10th District Police Officer C. Camacho.

During the summer of 2007, a disturbing pattern of armed robberies against pushcart ice cream vendors was developing in the 24th District.  On 22 Aug 07, Officer Camacho, while off-duty was walking to his home when he observed an ice cream vendor being robbed at gunpoint.  Officer Camacho drew his weapon and the stick up man was taken into custody without incident.  Due to the officers decision to take police action, the robbery was interrupted and the pattern came to a halt.

Thanks for a job well done, even though off-duty.  Stay Safe!

Retired Police Officer Herbert Bailey, formerly assigned to the 21st District, passed away 2 Dec 07.   Waked at AA Rayner Funeral Home, 318 E. 71st St., 1500-close.  Services from the chapel, 8 Dec., 1100 hours.  St Jude will meet at 1130 hrs.  Interment Lincolnwood Cemetery.


                Michael McGough...............1917

Thursday, 06 December 2007

Special Event

On Tuesday, 18 Dec 07, from 0800-1600 hours NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement) in conjunction with WMAQ-NBC Channel 5 will host a coat drive.  Donation of new or slightly used mens, womens and children's coats will be accepted the the following locations:

Area 2 Auditorium             727 E. 111th Street

CPD Headquarters             3510 S. Michigan Avenue

Meeting Notice

The CPD Enforcers Football Team will hold a membership/players meeting for the 2008 season on Monday, 10 Dec 07 at the Academy.  All returning players must attend at 1900 hours and new players at 2000 hours.  This is a mandatory meeting for playters.  Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer/non-player is invited to attend the 2000 hrs meeting.  For additional information contact James.Ade@Chicagopolice.org or www.cpdenforcers.com


                 Joseph H. Urban.............................1917

                 Osbourne Sims...............................1958

Wednesday, 05 December 2007

16 Tact on the Job

On 24 Oct 07, Tactical Team 1661 developed information that members of the Spanish Gangster Disciple street gang members were storing firearms and narcotics at multiple

locations in the 016th District and at residences in the 017th and 025th Districts. Armed with this information, on 25 and 26 Oct 07, Tactical Team 1661 Officers conducted seven (7) search warrants which resulted in the arrests of (11) Spanish Gangster Disciple street gang members and the recovery of seven (7) firearms which included an assault rifle, a shotgun and five (5) handguns.  One of these weapons has a possible connection to a recent gang homicide.  In addition, 526 grams of cocaine and 1,051 grams of cannabis packaged for “street sales” were recovered.  These arrests and recoveries resulted in a major dismantling of the hierarchy and narcotic packing operations of the Spanish Gangster Disciples. 

Thanks for a job well done.

Commander Ralph Price

Good Police Work Clears Area 1 Robbery Pattern

Good investigative skills combined with solid police tactics results in the arrest of an armed robbery offender and clears 12 armed robberies in Area 1.

Area #1Detectives J. Halper, M. Walsh, J. Alderden and M. Filbin were investigating a pattern of Dollar Store robberies that occurred within the 7th and 9th Districts.  The detectives developed leads and identified the offender, Robert Moore, 29, of the 6459 S. Morgan, through photo line-ups.  Tactical Officers M. Stachula, R. Omachi, R. Fields and W. Murphy of the 7th District, armed with a description of the offenders vehicle, a 1993 Buick LeSabre with large 3 spoke rims, preformed a systemic search for this offender.  On 2 Dec 07 the bad guy was taken into custody in front of home.  During the course of his arrest a .22 Cal semi-auto carbine was recovered from the vehicle.  Line-ups were conducted at Area #1 and Moore was positively identified and charged with 11 counts of Armed Robbery.

Great Work.  Stay Safe!

Retired Sergeant Joseph Mirus Sr., formerly assigned to the 19th District, father of Police Officer Joseph Mirus Jr., assigned to Narcotics and Gang Investigation Section, passed away 2 Dec 07.  Waked at Matz Funeral Home, 3440 N. Central, 6 Dec 1500-2100 hours.  St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours.  Services St Priscilla Church, 7001 W. Addison, 7 Dec 07, 1030 hours.  Internment St. Adalbert Cemetery.

Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Area 4 Salute 10th District Officers

Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 10th District Police Officers S. Pietryla and M. Goddard.

The officers on aggressive patrol, responded to a call of a battery in progress.  On arrival they placed the offender under arrest and conducted a through investigation which revealed the offender had attempted to rob the owner of a nearby business. Due to the officers quick response, dedication to duty and excellent investigative skills the offender was charged accordingly. 

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Retired Police Officer Harold E. Bourrett, formerly assigned to the Traffic Section-Detail Unit, father of Police Officer Darrin Barrett, assigned to the 1st District, passed away 1 December 2007.  Waked at Brady Gill Funeral Home, 16600 S. Oak Park, 4 Dec., 1400-2100 hours.  St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours.  Services Our Lady of the Woods Church, 10731 W. 131st Street, Orland Park, 5 Dec 07,, 1000 hours.  Interment private.

Monday, 03 December 2007

Area 4 Salute of 11th District Officers

SALUTE The Area Four Special Victims Unit salutes 11th District Police Officers:

P.O. D. Gesicki, P.O. J. Gannon, P.O. I. Pema, P.O. A. Rosito, P.O. T. Howard, P.O. J. Gonzalez, P.O. S. Ruggiero, P.O. M. Gallagher

On 1 Nov. 07, an arrestee charged on a minor offense was processed by an Area Four SVU Detective and released to his mother. The fingerprint check later revealed that the arrestee had lied about his true identity and was wanted on a juvenile narcotics warrant. With this new information, the Detective relocated to the subjects stated residence and called for backup. The subject was observed walking toward the residence and, after spotting the Detectives vehicle, began to flee on foot. The Detective called for additional units to assist in the foot pursuit. The above listed officers responded. The wanted subject was observed fleeing into his residence. The pursuing officers entered the residence in hot pursuit and began a systematic search. The subject was eventually found hiding in an attic crawl space and taken into custody. Thanks to the quick response of the officers, the subject was unable to defeat his arrest. Thanks for a job well done.

UIC Basketball


The University of Illinois at Chicago basketball team will be playing the University of Detroit at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, 19 Jan. 08 at 1500 hours. This game has been set aside to honor the members of the Police and Fire Departments. Family and friends are welcome to attend the game at a discounted rate. Contact the Special Activities Section 5-5844 or Pax 0207 for ticket information.

Sunday, 02 December 2007


The University of Illinois at Chicago basketball team will be playing the University of Detroit at the UIC Pavilion on Saturday, 19 Jan. 08 at 1500 hours. This game has been set aside to honor the members of the Police and Fire Departments. Family and friends are welcome to attend the game at a discounted rate. Contact the Special Activities Section 5-5844 or Pax 0207 for ticket information.


The Chicago Police Memorial Foundation web site has a new look; the new features include a search tool that will provide individuals with the exact location of purchased bricks in the Gold Star Family Memorial and Park. Please visit www.cpdmemorial.org to see the changes.


On Saturday, 8 Dec. 07 at 0900 hours a public auction of abandoned & unclaimed vehicles recovered by the Chicago Police Department will be held at the Police Pound #1 650 W. 83rd. Street. This includes approximately 150 vehicles & confiscated vehicles which the general public may purchase. All sales final, cash only and vehicles are to be sold As Is. No Department members may bid on the vehicles.

Saturday, 01 December 2007


Representatives from Calumet College of St. Josephs Public Safety Management Bachelors and Public Safety Administration Masters Programs will be at the Education and Training Division on Wednesday, 5 Dec., from 1000 to 1300 hrs and from 1500 to 1700 hrs. Both programs are accelerated. Eligible students can attend either an AM or PM session, once a week and complete their degree in 20 to 22 months. Registration is ongoing for the next cohort groups. For information on the Bachelors degree please contact Dr. Dean Angelo, Program Director, at (773) 721- 0202 (ext 298) or email at dangelo@ccsj.edu. For information on the Masters degree please contact Mary Severa, Graduate Programs Coordinator, at (773) 721-0202, ext. 295 or email at msevera@ccsj.edu.


Couples Workshop will be held for couples wanting to improve their relationship Saturday, 12 Jan. 08, 0745- 1600 hours at the Education and Training Division, 1300 W. Jackson Blvd.. Breakfast and lunch included, limit 10 couples. For more information contact T.O. Tom Cline, 6-8310 ext. 164 or Chaplain Tori Wilson, 6-8458.


LEGENDS (Law Enforcement Greeks Educating Developing Nurturing Serving) will host its Annual Toy Drive. New unwrapped boy or girl toys will be accepted during the following dates 10 Dec.-14 Dec. at the listed District Area Facilities: 002nd District - 5101 S. Wentworth 005th District - 727 E. 111th St 019th District - 2452 W. Belmont 011th District - 3151 W. Harrison 025th District - 5555 W. Grand JISC - 3900 S. California Homan Square – 3340 W. Fillmore Targeted Response – 1819 W. Pershing All proceeds benefit Chaplains Unit.


Joseph D. Driscoll---------------------1903

James A. Henry-------------------------1925


Retired Police Officer William McDonald, formerly assigned to the 21st District, passed away 29 November 2007. Waked at Modell Funeral Home, 12641 W. 143rd St., Homer Glen, IL., 2 Dec., 1500- 2100 hours. St. Jude will meet at 1900 hours. Services Elizabeth Seton Church, 9300 167th St., Orland Hills, IL., 3 Dec., 1000 hours. Interment Good Shepard Cemetery.

* * * * * * * *

Just another day at the office. . . CPD officers work hard, save lives.

This has been a remarkable week for the Department. . . rescues from burning buildings, multiple people rescued from burning cars after car crashes. . . remarkable. . . but not so much if you are the men and women who do this job daily.

We reached out to many of the officers involved and, to tell the truth, they thought that it was "just part of the job."  Imagine that.  They wanted no accolades, no hype. . . they simply felt that they were doing what they had to do, when the situation called for it.

We are proud of all of the men and women on this job who work professionally every day.  Whether they get the credit they deserve or not, we are proud because our officers are ready at a moment's notice to sacrifice everything in the performance of their duties.

As this Department grows and changes, remember one thing: there is no substitute for character.

Thank you to all of the officers of the Chicago Police Department who grind it out every day to keep us safe.

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