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Girls Sports Videos Maxim
Girls Sports Videos Maxim Girls Sports Videos Maxim
Girls Sports Videos Maxim
Girls Sports Videos Maxim
Trish Stratus
Girls Sports Videos Maxim
The gorgeous six-time WWE champ explains how to kick ass in the ring…or at your local dive bar at three in the morning.

Maxim, Apr 2006

Use Props
“Anything can be used to hurt someone; you just need to be creative. You can take your shirt off, twist it up, and use it to strangle someone—or just throw it in their face to distract them. Take off your belt and use it like a whip. Throw a shoe if you can. I actually lost a match because I got hit with a shoe. It’s no fun.”

Avoid Unnecessary Pain
“Most people don’t duck all the way. You want to make sure you actually avoid the punch. You’ll end up getting hit in the face if you don’t go down far enough. My signature move, the MaTrish, is a full backbend that I use to get out of the way. Then I stand up and blast the girl with a roundhouse called the chick kick. ”

Kick Like a Girl
“Most guys probably can’t do a backbend, but once they duck, they’re in perfect position—right in that lower area—for a shot to their opponent’s balls. I’d call it a dick kick, since, technically, guys really can’t do a chick kick.”

Hit the Right Head
“Avoid the top of the head. I have a missing knuckle from when I punched a girl on the back of the head. The skull is really thick, so it’s a bad place to go. Instead, aim for the gut, or just go straight to the balls. All guys can relate to that, right?”

Know When to Be Gentle
“If you’re going at it with a friend or someone you don’t really want to hurt, just do a simple takedown to diffuse the situation. So if you’re standing face-to-face, kick your right leg out in front of you and sweep it through the back of his legs. He’ll fall over and land on his ass, and you can tell him to chill the hell out.”

Start a Tickle Fight
“Some wrestling moves do translate to the bedroom. You can do the pile driver; just don’t do it vertically. And then you can do a basic pinning combination—one person on top, one on the bottom. Follow that up with a cigarette and a nice sleeper hold, because after it’s over you just want to cuddle and go to sleep.”

Total Stratusfaction
Stand back and witness Trish’s don’t-try-at-home takedown. It’s a doozie!

Step 1
To execute Trish’s debilitating Stratusfaction signature move, grab your opponent in a firm headlock. His body should be behind you, bent over so that he’s facing the ground.

Step 2
Run toward anything you can use as a springboard—the bar, a pool table—taking him with you. Then jump up and vault backward, keeping his noggin tightly nestled in your bosom.

Step 3
As you fall, twist your body and push his face toward the ground. If done properly, you’ll land on your butt, with his kisser breaking your fall. End with a celebratory call to your lawyer.

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