I just wanted to remind everyone that voting will end Thursday at 12PM (Noon) EDT. We'll be announcing the winners on Friday, September 28th at Ruby East (and right after with a blog post). For this reason its VERY important to get those screencasts in. We'll be profiling several apps that provide Screencasts (regardless if you are the winner), so if you want to get some free publicity in front of an auditorium full of people, get those screencasts put together!

Also, I just want to let everyone know that Linode has been gracious enough to keep the VPSes up till October 5th, 2007, so, the applications will be hosted until then. If you don't sign up to continue service with Linode, then on October 5th at Noon (12pm) EDT your data will be erased. Thanks again Linode for your excellent support of this event!

In a closing note, I thought I'd share everyone with a photo of the pony that the top overall winner will go to:

2 Responses to “Voting Ends Thursday at Noon EDT (and ponies too!)”

  1. nap Says:
    that is one badass suphero of a pony.
  2. Eric Says:
    Is there any word on getting the Subversion dumps for our projects yet?

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