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The Axis of Justice Radio Network is a monthly radio program that combines music, passion, politics and activism.

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The Mary Morello and Cindy Sheehan Show

The Mary Morello and
Cindy Sheehan Show

We are proud to announce what we hope will be a regular feature on, conversations between longtime activist (and mother of an Axis of Justice founder) Mary Morello, and famed anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. For lack of a better title, we're calling it "The Mary Morello and Cindy Sheehan Show". Enjoy, we'll have more from them next week.

Episode 06

August 6, 2007

Mary: We're driving home from the airport, we just came home from Albany and what are you up to today?

Cindy: Well today I'm taking the day off. My youngest daughter moved up to Lake Tahoe so I'm going to go and spend a couple of days with her. Then I'll come back and be working on my campaign.

Mary: The fires didn't disturb where she is?

Cindy: She moved up after the fire, she just moved up there.

Mary: Oh, I see. (Mary has to stop to make sure that Tom is driving the correct route). We're going to where Tom originally took his guitar lessons. So how did you enjoy the show?

Cindy: Oh we loved the show! We had a really good time.

Mary: Aren't they great?!

Cindy: They're super great. I wrote an article about it called "Brought to You by Boeing," it wasn't about the show but I talk about the show in it, if you guys want to read it. It's about was profiteering and how the war profiteers control our media and how they control our government. I talked about going to the show and how our young people really need to be hooked into music like that to get them to be motivated to "rage against the machine," not be consumed by the machine like my son Casey was. How music can be radical and revolutionary.

Mary: One of my best friend's has two nephews- one is in the Marines and one is trying to get into the Marines and I think that's so foolish.

Cindy: I don't understand why anyone would go into the military with the leadership that we have. I know that Rage Against The Machine — their music is a little old but it's timeless, nothing ever changes.

Mary: Their music is timeless — Tom says "ok".  Oh my child… yeah. I didn't know what we were going to talk about today but anyhow, I haven't been up to much. I teach kindergartners in a poor area- I have two classes — I do one room a week and I take them individually and so Tom and I — do you know that they have kindergarten graduation now?

Cindy: My kids had graduation.

Mary: Oh did they? Tom and I bought each one a book because when I'm with them I ask "do you have any books at home?" and most of them don't. A lot of the Hispanics, I understand why the mothers don't speak English but it's really hard to raise your kids, you know? You know about that bill where they only want people to speak English. They passed a law that you can only speak English, but it's in court and may be declared illegal, I hope.

So are you up in Tahoe now?

Cindy: I'm heading up there. I have my other daughter's dog, I'm taking it on a little walk. Another thing that I've been writing about is in this country we have a military economy, we have a capitalist military economy that is really hurting the poor people- makes the poor people poorer and the rich people richer. Everybody's blaming the Mexican immigrant for our economic woe but it's not it's just our economy, the way it's structured. It's structured so the poor don't have any recourse but to go into the military, to get out of their communities or go to college. It's like back in the day when they blamed the Chinese immigrants or the Irish immigrants for the economy when it's the corporate ruling elite that we need to blame.

Mary: You know I taught at Libertyville High School for twenty-two years and we have Hispanics in our school. Our counselors put them down and put them in classes as if they weren't bright. It's really horrible. I took the low grade US History class to teach so that I could reach those kids and a lot of them ended up going to the junior college. They don't get encouraged because of prejudices.

Cindy: Then college is so expensive, only the elite can afford to go. Our kids want to get scholarships, student loans or work three jobs to go. There's one of the reasons that Casey went into the military to get college money. It's an economy that's based on our military.

Mary: They use that, with kids, saying that they'll have to serve. You know, I've been around a long time and I taught in Japan a year and I went to Japan on a crew ship that was going to Korea, I chose to go by ship rather than to fly and they were all guys who had fought in WWII who had signed up and who thought that they were just going to do their monthly exercise. They felt horrible that they'd ever signed up. Tom's uncle and my brother ended up in WWII in Hawaii, he had been in the Philippines. He said that he didn't get hooked and he wouldn't get hooked by it because he had served and he was going out and that was it.

Cindy: Well we try to shut down the machine. I'm hoping that my candidacy against Nancy Pelosi will help to expose how both parties are bought and paid for by the corporations and the war profiteers. How our government is run by the corporations like John Perkins, I'm reading his new book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". He calls it a corporate-ocrisy and that's what our country is beholden to and I'm hoping that my candidacy will expose that. I hope it will help it to go a long way from a corporate-ocrisy to a democracy.

Mary: You know that I'm very pro-Arab and pro-Palestinian. My best friend in the whole world is Palestinian. She's a professor at Lakeforest College and the other week her two sisters were here from Amman in Jordan. I have stayed with them in Amman.

Cindy: I'm going there in about ten days.

Mary: Oh are you? Well you'll just love it.

Cindy: I've been to Amman before.

Mary: Oh, have you been Syria to Damascus?

Cindy: No but I'm going to Damascus on this trip.

Mary: Go to Damascus. At first I went on a tour and then a friend and her husband are in Damascus so I went and visited them when I was there. Syria is a great country. When I taught I told my kids that the U.S. has to pick countries to be against. When I was a foreign student advisor they were against Ghana and the son of Ghana's ambassador in Washington was one of my foreign students and I became good friends with his folks. The U.S. was totally against him for a while. A lot of my kids that I taught will remember that and will stop and tell me "okay we have our set of enemies now that we have picked that really aren't enemies" and that's the truth.

Cindy: Exactly.

Mary: I was going to tell you that the drummer- did you meet any of the rest of the band?

Cindy: Uh huh, I met the drummer and I met Zack.

Mary: The drummer, he and his girlfriend got married in Lake Tahoe. It's one of the most darling wedding pictures I ever saw and they brought there three dogs with them. That was their wedding party and then they found somebody to marry them. So I'm going to sign off. We're here to go in and see Tom's original teacher. First he started in Libertyville and they wanted him to learn scales, then we found about this place and they let him start with Led Zeppelin.

Cindy: Well they did a good job.

Mary: He is a great guitarist.

Cindy: Tom is 1 in my book.

Mary: He's 1 in mine too. I know a lot of the man ones, you know. I think Tom is the best but that's because I am his mother too. Have a good time in Tahoe and I'll talk to you next week.

Cindy: Love!

Mary: Bye.

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