WIDTH=635 HEIGHT=400 CODEBASE="XCavator.dll#Version=2,0,0,0" CODEBASE="c:\cmp\xcavator\releasemindependency\XCavator.dll#Version=2,0,0,0" CODEBASE=",0,0,0" TYPE="application/x-oleobject" CLASSID="CLSID:A0983711-D8FD-11D0-B8E1-00A024B10B98" CLASSID="CLSID:C4055491-D83E-11D0-B8E1-00A024B10B98"

The Active XCavator control examines the registry of your machine and reads the entries which ActiveX controls create. From this information, Active XCavator finds the file which the entries describe. Active XCavator then extracts all information stored in the file and displays it along with the registry data. For controls which were downloaded from the internet, Active XCavator gets the data from the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ModuleUsage subkeys. For controls which were installed with applications, Active XCavator gets the data from the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib subkeys.

When a control file is high-lighted and the "Delete" button is pressed, Active XCavator tries to delete the selected file. If the deletion is successful, the registry entry referring to the file, is removed from the ModuleUsage subkey and/or the TypeLib subkey.

When Active XCavator finds a registry entry for a file which is no longer present on the hard disk, the "Control" information is listed as, "File is not in its registered location". This means that the file has already been moved or deleted from the disk. If the "Delete" button is pressed, the registry entry for this file will be removed.

The "Categories" information for a control specifies the capabilities which the control has registered with the system. These include:

"Controls" -- older control

"Scriptable" -- the publisher deems this control cannot harm your system even when used with errant or malicious scripts

"Initializable from Data" -- the publisher deems this control cannot harm your system when initialized with any data

"Embeddable Objects" -- control may be embedded in a ActiveX container document

"Automation Objects" -- control supports a scripting interface

"Document Objects" -- object is an ActiveX document

"_Printable Objects" -- object supports printing

"OLEViewer Interface Viewers" -- object is a viewer which shows ole interfaces

"Active Scripting Engine" -- object contains a script interprepter

"Active Scripting Engine with Parsing" -- object contains a script interprepter and parser

The Active XCavator control supports scripting from an HTML embedded VB Script. The supported commands include: About, Refresh, and SetSelected (Index). Properties which are implemented by the control are nControlCount , nCurSel, and szFileData.

The About function shows information about the Active XCavator control.

The Refresh function updates the control information.

The SetSelected function sets the index and displays the information for the file at that index in the list.

The nControlCount property represents the number of controls which were found on the system.

The nCurSel property represents the index of the currently selected control in the list.

The szFileData property is an array of strings which contain information about the file which is currently selected. The values of the array contain the information specified by the following offsets (indexes).

0: Control name

1: Publisher name

2: Number of applications using control

3: Type of file

4: Where the file came from

5: Date the control was installed

6: Last date the file was changed

7: Last date the file was accessed

8: Version number of the file

9: Copyright notice for the file

10: Size of the file in bytes

11: Registered categories for the control

The following file data is extracted from the file version information stored in the file. Since not all items are stored in every file, many items will return "Unknown".

12: ProductName

13: ProductVersion

14: OriginalFilename

15: FileDescription

16: FileVersion

17: CompanyName

18: LegalCopyright

19: LegalTrademarks

20: InternalName

21: PrivateBuild

22: SpecialBuild

23: Comments

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