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SAFRING results

European Swallow Hirundo rustica

Ringing data entered by ringers

H.D. Oschadleus

European Swallow, adult (L) and juvenile (R), from Jacobsdal (WC)

1. Numbers ringed with SAFRING rings, 1948-2002

  • Total ringed: 219177
  • First ringed: 1948/49 ringing year
  • Trapping method: Mistnets, Rehabilitatees

Number of European Swallow ringed per year with SAFRING rings

2. Computerised records, 1956-2002

Note: electronic records sent by ringers were extracted; no attempt was made to computerise other records.

  • Number of records: 26285
  • Ring sizes used: 16 with 1.8mm , 13862 with 2.3mm, 13 with 2.5mm, 7 with 2.5-4mm, 12642 with Old Prefix rings
  • Recommended ring size: 2.3 mm Aluminium Alloy
  • Top ringers: 128 ringers; top 5 ringers: Mr B Van Den Brink (4473), Mr RJ Nuttall (3977), Dr GPJ Grobler (3513), Mr F Conradie (2720), Dr H Bernitz & Dr Z Bernitz (2603)
  • Bird age distribution: Unknown (1967), Juvenile (168), Immature (4804), Adult (9798), 0-6 months (243), 6-12 months (8967), 1-2 years (336), 2-3 years (1)
  • Bird sex distribution: Unknown (2354), Male (210), Female (191), Possibly male (10), Possibly female (21)
  • Markings: Metal only (26285)
  • Condition: Good (26155), Rehabilitated (61), Released away from capture locality (70)
  • Birds ringed per region:
    Free State, South Africa11703
    Gauteng, South Africa4220
    Mpumulanga, South Africa3187
    KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa907
    Eastern Cape, South Africa277
    Western Cape, South Africa265
    Northern Cape, South Africa45
    Limpopo Province, South Africa42
    Northwest Province, South Africa40

Map of localities where European Swallow have been ringed, 1956-2002 (Electronic data)

3. Biometrics and moult for European Swallow

Mass data (g)
Adult male4541120.3726.5
Adult female3711420.3130.5

Wing length (mm)
Adult male205104123.1134
Adult female137110121.0132

Moult data

Primary moult November to March.

4. Recovery history (SAFRING's database)

  • Number of recoveries: 605 recoveries and 513 recaptures ; Foreign 304 recoveries and 279 recaptures
  • Greatest distance: 11660 km (60195588)
  • Greatest elapsed time: 8y 8m 14d (AC13046)
  • Causes of mortality of ringed birds: (major causes)
    • Victim of weather: exhausted (20)
    • Shot (16)
    • Collision: with motor vehicle (or found next to road) (16)
    • Sick or injured (11)
    • Killed or attacked by domestic cat (10)
    • Died due to sickness or injury (7)
    • Trapped accidentally by human artifact (5)
    • Collision with a window (5)
    • Rest unknown causes

Fastest: A72250 migrated from Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, to Whitley Bay, Britain, in 27 days.

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6. Research


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