It is difficult for those fortunate enough to live in more sophisticated communities to understand and appreciate the deep sense of fear, outrage and humiliation that marks these annual incursions into the little streets of this little town..." Irish News -- July 5th 1986 editorial

The Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition is an umbrella group set up by the residents of the Catholic/Nationalist Garvaghy Road area of the town of Portadown. The area has now achieved worldwide notoriety for its annual round of loyalist and Orange Order parades and counter-demonstrations, and for the violence which accompanies them.  For many years, the community has been under constant siege by the Orange Order and its supporters.  The residents continue to stand strong and struggle for their right to equality, freedom from sectarian discrimination and harassment.

With this site, we hope to bring you the truth of what happens in our community, and to scotch the myths and propaganda which have been circulated about our community and the annual torment we are forced to endure. As well as our own story, we have a list of other sites which you may wish to visit. Also on this site are fact-sheets, updates, pictures, a map of the area, and images which you can download to use to show your support of the Garvaghy Road Residents.

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