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Chronology of Events for the Centre
1979 - Centre Founded upon H.E. Shamar Rinpoche's advice 1980 - 16th Karmapa's Visit 1982 - Shangpa Rinpoche Arrives in Singapore 1990 - Centre moves to current Premise 1998 - Shangpa Rinpoche appointed as Abbot 1999 - 17th Karmapa's Visit 2004 - Plans begin for new Centre

How the Centre was Founded

Appointment of Abbot

Centre's Activities

16th Karmapa's Visit

17th Karmapa's Visit

Project Timetable for New Centre

The Need for a New Centre
Since its inception in 1981, our abbot and invited Rinpoches have been actively propagating the Buddhist teachings, conducting pujas and prayers during Buddhist festivals and auspicious days. They also provide Buddhist counseling services to all members and devotees. In order to accomodate new expansions such as a comprehensive resource library, more activities and pujas, the building of a new centre is paramount to the development of buddhist teachings in Singapore.
New Facilities
The proposed 4 storey Institute building with modern facilities will be built on the existing site to incorporate a large Shrine hall that can accommodate 500 people and have more classrooms, study and meditation rooms, a library, living quarters and guest rooms.

The new building will allow us to host a wide range of dharma and social activities and events. These include:

Instructing lay practitioners on structured Buddhist teachings and practice of progressive meditation, from basic to advanced levels.
Organizing short retreat for practitioners to learn and practice advance teachings.
Inviting qualified masters from the various Kagyud International Institutes to conduct lessons on Buddhist philosophy, arts and craft and Tibetan language.
Translating and publishing Buddhist texts and teachings for distribution.
Conducting lessons on health exercises and organizing social activities for the well being of its members and devotees.