Important Announcements

September 11th, 2007

I have a few very important announcements. First of all, participants, we're going to let each team do a single commit that adds < 20 lines of code. This needs to be done before Wednesday at 23:59 EDT. Subversion is now available for participants. Do NOT commit more than a single commit per team or 20 LOC added (use svn diff to determine this) or you WILL be disqualified. We're doing this because a lot of teams had some troubles committing at the end of the rumble or had some dangling route setting that wasn't quite right, etc.

Because of this, judging will be opening on Thursday instead of Wednesday to allow time for these updates. Please also use this time period to update your profile and list resources that you're using (javascript libs, rails plugins, gems, etc)

We're also beginning to disqualify teams that either cheated, didn't participate or don't appear to have a working web application up. Emails are being sent out to all team members of the teams that are being disqualified. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss any issues or feel that we've made a mistake (if your host was just down for maintenance, we apologize for the inconvenience and will reinstate you immediately).

We'll be providing SVN dumps after Wednesday night as commits are coming in. We'll also be emailing teams that do not have the rumble user setup.

Update: Since the diffs will be checked in an automated way, the changes must be made directly into the rumble_final tag. Modifying the trunk and recreating the rumble_final tag would impact in a really big diff, therefore with much more than 20 LOCs

12 Responses to “Important Announcements”

  1. Matthew Vince Says:
    Does it have to only add or can it add, change, or delete a max. 20 lines of code?
  2. Seth Ladd Says:
    Just curious, and I'm sure this has been discussed before, but one way of combating cheating would be to force every team to build the same application from the same set of initial specs. Don't release the specs until the start time. This way, judging becomes MUCH easier, as we're comparing apples to apples. Right now, it's very much subjective (beyond the whole "did I experience a crash or bug?") Has the "many teams, one application" idea been kicked around, and if so, what was the opinion?
  3. Rodrigo Urubatan Says:
    Great news :D My published layout sucks! I made a few changes and the output of svn diff |grep +|wc -l was 24 discounting the four lines with @@ (index of lines in diff) exactly 20 lines to make it sucks a little less :D
  4. nap Says:
    @matthew -- changes to 20 lines of code. period.
  5. nap Says:
    @seth -- I think what you're describing is a perfectly valid sort of competition, but it's not what the Rails Rumble is about. A large part of what we're trying to do is incubate a sort of startup atmosphere and encourage people to be creative and get their ideas out there and working for them. Obviously judging implementation becomes much easier if you're all looking at different implementations of the same spec, but it's also much less interesting from an 'innovation' standpoint and at least in this competition, that's a definite focus area. Still, you're totally right, and maybe that's a whole different competition for someone else to get started up... ;-)
  6. Malko Says:
    Wait.. you said adding under 20 lines, but now you say that I can't remove a few more lines of code?
  7. Sutto Says:
    Nap: Is there a limit on line length?
  8. Mason Says:
    Oh geez guys... quit complaining. They gave us 48 hours! And then you went and took that nap...
  9. nap Says:
    @sutto -- be reasonable :-).
  10. Hugo Barauna Says:
    Guys, can you tell me how I really can count how many line codes I have altered using svn diff?
  11. keeran Says:
    svn diff | grep "^+" | grep -v "^++" | wc -l That's what's being thrown around in IRC and I think it came from divoxx.
  12. Rodrigo Urubatan Says:
    When will the votes begin? it is already thursday

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