We support research into our world's frozen realms: the snow, ice, glacier, frozen ground, and climate interactions that make up Earth's cryosphere. Scientific data, whether taken in the field or relayed from satellites orbiting Earth, form the foundation for the scientific research that informs the world about our planet and our climate systems.

10–14 December 2007

NSIDC Experts at AGU Fall Meeting

Don't miss this year's Nye Lecture; NSIDC's Mark Serreze will discuss the current state of Arctic climate change. Visit us at Exhibit Booth 139 to learn about new products.

17 October 2007

Arctic Sea Ice News Fall 2007: Melt Season Recap

Arctic sea ice has begun its seasonal freeze-up; read a recap of the 2007 melt season and view satellite images.

15 October 2007

Nobel Peace Prize Honors Climate Change Experts: NSIDC Scientists Contribute to Winning Effort

The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. NSIDC scientists were among the many experts who contributed to the IPCC's efforts.

1 October 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Arctic Sea Ice Shatters All Previous Record Lows

The melt season has come to a close; read the full analysis and download high-resolution images.

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Arctic Sea Ice News Fall 2007

Sea ice has been on the decline for five years running. Learn about current sea ice conditions during this year's melting season. More

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